Actual Travel Complaints That Will Make Your Head Hurt

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8 Responses to Actual Travel Complaints That Will Make Your Head Hurt

  1. Zirconia Wolf says:

    #12 makes me happy because it proves not ALL dumb tourist come from America & #8 & #19 show exactly why most of us “non-kid” people think most “kid” people are dumb as posts.

    • melvin says:

      And #1 proves that your comment is no 100% correct.

    • Kate says:

      These are all from Brits (or at least people living in GB) as that’s where this travel agency is located. There are idiots living on every continent in every country around the world. In fact, the xenophobia prominent in Britain makes for tons of fodder like this. It simply makes people feel better about themselves to throw a “‘murica” into every article about a less-than-intelligent person, regardless of whether or not their actual location is mentioned.

      • nyancat says:

        Thomas Cook is also active in at least Belgium and the Netherlands. (And I guess also more countries than these)
        But yeah, I don’t think they are active in USA.

  2. Em says:

    OMG My favorite is the last one. OMG.

  3. pranav says:

    I lold on the last one :D

  4. Lanin says:

    I seem to recall a Noel Coward song about clueless British holidaymakers. Perhaps more than one.

  5. ali c says:

    Just got back from my honeymoon in Puerto vallarta and had no problems with the siesta. They mostly do it up in the mountains I think. Everywhere else is too dependent upon keeping the tourists happy.

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