Book Titles With One Letter Missing (20 Pics)

The hashtag #bookswithalettermissing was trending on Twitter. In response, user @darth decided to do us all a favor and Photoshop some of the best entries. [via dailydot]

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159 Responses to Book Titles With One Letter Missing (20 Pics)

  1. Ryan says:

    Harry Otter

  2. Emily says:

    This idea (including several of the examples, such as the Da Vinci Cod) are actually from the british radio program Cabin Pressure.

    • lupos says:

      being as that show started in ’08 I’m going to assume they were not the first to ever do this. I participated in a lot of Photoshop Phridays on something awful for ever ago and this was a reoccuring theme. Infact they just did a 3 part series on this theme.

      • Jettepaque says:

        Ring Up The Bodies
        Our Ma’ in Havana
        The Big Seep
        Loud Atlas
        The Beak House
        A Farewell To Arm
        Madame Ovary
        A Christmas Carl
        Lice In Wonderland

  3. Jaslene says:

    The Secret of the Old Cock could’ve been done a whole other way.

  4. Bleak Hose? Our Mutual Fiend? Dickens is a gift to this…!

  5. abmjem says:

    The Baby-Sitters Club one makes no sense. The title of the book is “Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls” or something like that. Definitely not a missing letter.

    • Rhi says:

      Because they changed the name of the series to The Babysitters Cub. The title of the book was obviously changed to fit in with that.

    • Calamari says:

      Note: “The Baby-Sitters Cub”

    • David says:

      … The Baby Sitters CUB.

    • Michele says:

      It said The Baby-Sitters CUB. No “L”

    • Kay says:

      They took the “l” out of “Club” in the title of the a
      series, then changed the title to make it work with “Cub.”

    • charles says:

      Nothing like injecting a downer into an otherwise hilarious post.

      Ever considered just enjoying the premise and laughing at the result?

      Just a thought. :-)

      • Stuart Johnson says:

        Yes Charles, my thoughts exactly. I think it is attributable to global warming. Along with the bees dying out, human intellect seems to be waning as well. It also appears that, as human intellect diminishes, sense of irony is the first casaulity… ;)

  6. Jim says:

    How do you avoid “Fifty Shades of Gay”?

  7. Ben says:

    A Feast for Cows
    A Storm of Words
    Where Men Win Gory
    Things All Apart

  8. mrfantastic says:

    Unless the word “letter” counts as a letter for the joke (which would be inconsistent more than creative), the Hawthorne book doesn’t belong. Some of the others are good, though.

    • emibel says:

      Well, obviously it does. Took me a while to get it though, as I was thinking of The Scarlet Pimpernel :)

  9. John Melcher says:

    The Rapes of Wrath
    Laughter House Five
    Godless you Mr. Rosewater

    but… The Raven i a poem, not a novel.

    Hilarious idea!

    • Anonymous says:

      Rapes, cunt? What sort of man are you?

      • Lila2004 says:

        Calm down. More than likely, he was simply absorbed with the idea of deleting a letter from a title rather than thinking about what kind of meanings those changed titles had. I’m sure nothing was meant by it, so your vitriol isn’t necessary. Since we’re doing a literary thing, I was more put in mind of ‘rape’ like in “The Rape of the Lock,” not a literal rape at all.

      • belium says:

        Why did you just call John a cunt? I think that was uncalled for.

    • Dianne says:

      I think that is the best one.

  10. John says:

    The Cunt of Monte Cristo
    The Tree Musketeers
    Seven Brides for Seven Bothers
    King Ear
    Much Ado About Noting

  11. Hieronymus Illinensis says:

    Don’t forget how narcissistic James Agee could get: Let Us Now Praise Famous Me.

  12. Gort says:

    The Cunt of Monte Cristo

  13. Anna says:

    The Itch of Blackbird Pond.

  14. Gort says:

    Brave New Word

  15. I would NOT want to be on that Jurassic ark.

  16. Kathleen says:

    “One with the Wind,” Gone with the Win,” “Start Little,” “The Trumpet of the Wan,” “Diary of a Wimpy Id,” “Confessions of a Prairie Itch.” So much fun!

  17. LiveProsper says:

    There are just 90 ears of solitude, just sayin’

  18. Todd Kreisman says:

    The Prince and the Paper
    Liver Twist
    All Quiet on the Western Font
    The Unbearable Lightness of Bing
    The Rapes of Wrath
    On the Rod
    The World According to Gap

  19. Jan van Werth says:

    Don’t you get it? The point is not that this is a new idea–the redrawn covers are the point! Some of them are truly inspired in the way in which the style of the original has been played with. Having said this, I have to agree with @Jaslene, a golden opportunity was missed wrt the old cock.

  20. Betty B says:

    The Secret Life of EEs

  21. Joe says:

    Mob Dick
    Lack Beauty
    A Brief History of Tim

  22. Urania says:

    Fun reading. Hopefully one does not have to be of a certain age to appreciate the puns intended with the misspellings.

  23. claudine fraser says:

    Life of I
    Prince Aspian
    The voyage of the Dawn Reader
    Leak House
    Five go off to Amp

  24. Linda H. says:

    These are great. Thanks for sharing them. I think I will share this with my friends.

  25. Jackie says:

    Some funny, some meh. As a graphic designer, the PhotoShopping bothered me. The artist should have respaced and recentered the text when eliminating letters.

  26. Scott says:

    Just thought of a few others…
    1. Jane Eye v. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte
    2. Sales Lot v. Salems Lot – Stephen King
    3. Back Beauty v. Black Beauty – Anna Sewell
    4. Lord of the Lies v. Lord of the Flies – William Golding
    5. Little Omen v. Little Women – Louisa Mae Alcott
    6. The Adventures of Huckleberry Inn v. Finn – Mark Twain
    7. The Picture of Dorian Gay v. Gray. – Oscar Wilde (kind of funny if you think about it.
    8. Rave New World v. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
    9. The Gapes of Wrath v. The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck
    10. Rome and Juliet v. Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare
    11. The Old Ma and the Sea v. The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway
    12. Heat of Darkness v. Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad
    13. One with the Wind v. Gone with the Wind – Margaret Mitchell
    14. Liver Twist v. Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens

  27. Amy A. says:

    The Bile.

  28. Kristy says:

    We await publication of helpful kitchen guide, “A Place of Grater Safety”. I have cover ready now. Still working on my tatted underthings pattern book, “A Lace of Greater Safety”.

  29. Bob Armstrong says:

    Why is there a carp on the cover of The Da Vinci Cod?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Owl and Other Poems by Allen Ginsberg

  31. Keith says:

    I was (perhaps too quickly) reading through the comments and got to the last one and thought, “That’s not funny, where’s the missing letter?”. Then I realized “Your e-mail address will not be published” was not an entry…

  32. chris says:

    The House of the Even Gables – Hawthorne

    Moby Ick – Melville

    A Ale of Two Cities – Dickens

    Ride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    Jane Eye by Charlotte Bronte

    On the Rod by Kerouac

    A Clockwork Range – Burgess

    Cancer War – Solzhenitsyn

    The Unbearable Lightness of Bing – Kundera

    War and Pace – Tolstoy

    Paradise Lot – Milton

    The Ell Jar – Plath

    The Journal of a Plague Ear – Defoe

    Gulliver’s Ravels – Swift

    To Ill a Mockingbird – Lee

    The Topic of Cancer – Miller

    Alas Shrugged – Rand

    This is too much fun – must stop….must STOP! :)


  33. John Melcher says:

    Goldilocks and the Three Bars
    Lice in Wonderland
    Fatland (Flatland)
    Of Mice and Me / Of Ice and Men
    The Pear

  34. Swati Chavda says:

    The Andromeda Stain (The Andromeda Strain)
    The Lost Word (The Lost World)
    The God of Mall Things (The God of Small Things)
    The Hound of the Bakervilles (The Hound of the Baskervilles)
    The Sin of Four (The Sign of Four)
    Emesis (Nemesis)

  35. Older_Wiser says:

    Since students are going ever more in debt with the new interest rates, they might enjoy:

    “Future Hock” by Alvin Toffler

  36. mark says:

    “The Rapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck, “Mob Dick” by Herman Melville

  37. susan says:

    the joy of cooing

  38. Jabba says:

    He idiot – Dostoevsky
    One flew over the cuckoo’s net – Kesey
    The Outside – Camus
    Miser -King
    Dago – Lovecraft

  39. stocknowledge says:

    Lord of the Lies – about a great prevaricator.
    Ride and Prejudice – the story of Rosa Parks.

  40. rich says:

    Lord Foul’s Ban (Lord Foul’s Bane)
    The Power Hat Preserves (The Power That Preserves)
    The One Tee (The One Tree)
    White Gold Wilder (White Gold Wielder)
    White Old Wielder (White Gold Wielder)
    White God Wielder (White Gold Wielder)
    The Wounded Lad (The Wounded Land)
    Winter’s Heat (Winter’s Heart)
    The Forest Hose (The Forest House)
    Runs (Ruins)
    Cities of God (Cities of Gold)
    Cities of Old (Cities of Gold)
    A Man Rides Though (A Man Rides Through)
    Gory Season (Glory Season)

  41. vova666 says:

    Omlet by William Sakes’ pear

  42. Jack says:

    George Orwell’s “Animal Arm”

  43. carrie says:

    hell God, It’s Me Margaret
    the ale of peter rabbit
    harold and the purple rayon
    everyone pops
    curious gorge
    little hose on the prairie

  44. Susan says:

    Little Bother

    Rue Blood

    Smilla’s Sense of Now

    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ma

    The Prim of Miss Jean Brodie

    Vanity Far

    Jane Eye

    Tristam Handy

    Ucky Jim

    The Koan

  45. vova666 says:

    Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Tone

    Harry Potter And The Half-Loaded Prince

    • Abhik Majumdar says:

      > Harry Potter And The Half-Loaded Prince

      That’s cheating, it ought to be half-looded. No, actually not even that. The original title is ‘half-blood’ as opposed to ‘half-blooded’.

      How about Harry potter and the Half-Bloo Prince? Alf-Blood Prince?

  46. Anonymous says:

    a clockwork range

  47. Julian says:

    I Heard You Paint Hoses.

  48. Andrea in Argentina says:

    Rabbi, Run!

  49. Anonymous says:

    What about song titles: On The Rod Again vs On The Road Again, Willie Nelson

  50. Snortwood says:

    Mob Dick, Herman
    Laughter in the Ark, Vladimir
    Our Gag, Philip
    War and Pace, Leo
    The Big Seep, Raymond
    A Hose for Mr Biswas, Vidiadhar
    The Potable Promised Land, Toure
    Mr Dalloway, Virginia

    And the list goes on and on.

  51. Madelene says:

    Oedipus Ex

  52. Ravi says:

    In Search of Lost Tim by Marcel Proust
    Where Angels Fear to Read by E.M. Forester
    The Unexpurgated Cod by J.P. Donleavy
    The Secret Gent by Joseph Conrad
    The Englishman’s Oy by Guy Vanderhaeghe
    The Panted Word by Tom Wolfe

  53. LaKeishaJackson says:

    The Picture of Dorian Gay

  54. Anonymous says:

    Fuck all

  55. jag says:

    Waterhip Down

    Lord of the Lies

    Brave Ew World

    Rime and Punishment

    Gullivers Ravels

    Vanity Air

  56. Spenpess says:

    The Prince of Ties

  57. Frank Rafferty says:

    1. Postmodern Poo – Frederick Carews
    2. Common Mistakes In Engish (5th Edition) – T.J. Fitikides
    3. i before e (except after ) – Judy Parkinson
    4. The Aster and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov
    5. Pass Both Your Diving Tests
    6. The Highway Cod
    7. The Unbearable Lightness Of Bing – Milan Kundera
    8. The Fir Next Time – James Baldwin
    9. A Singular Ma – J.P.Donleavy
    10. Stupid White Me – Michael Moore
    11. Drams From My Father – Barack Obama
    12. Backeyes – Dennis Potter
    13. Fur – Salman Rushdie
    14. More Ricks Than Kicks – Samual Beckett

  58. diana says:

    The Scarlet
    Rabbi, Run
    Doesn’t matter if they have been done before. Still funny.

  59. Evie says:

    I’m reading a book called ‘Kafka on the Shore’. It’s tempting to lose the ‘s’ from the last word.

  60. Chaz says:

    Infinite EST

  61. Donna Trump says:

    The Naked and the Dad
    From Her to Eternity
    Lonesome Doe
    Brokeback Mountin’

  62. Brian Gocher says:

    Eat, Pay, Love

  63. Donna Trump says:

    The Autobiography of Malcolm

  64. Fred says:

    Around the World in Eight Days (works whether spelled out or using the number!)

  65. Fred says:

    Oliver Twit

  66. Joy says:

    How about a religious theme? The Bile, The Korn, and the Book of Moron.

  67. Tom says:

    Jewish version – The Oy of Sex

  68. Lie of Pi
    East of Den
    War and Pace
    Madame Ovary

  69. Anonymous says:

    Mob-Dick, Melville’s great American novel of a detective in charge of social unrest.

    The Valley of Hoses, Jean M. Auel’s follow up on her bestselling Clan of the Cave Bar.

    In Cod Blood, Truman Capote’s chilling portrait of alternative bathing techniques.

    For Whom the Bell Toll, Hemingway’s great ebonical treatment of the Spanish Civil War.

    The Return of the Naive, Thomas Hardy’s great novel of romance among simple-minded folks in the heathlands of England.

    And let’s not forget John Updike’s compelling children’s book about the experiences of a cute bunny working in a small town hospital, Rabbit, Rn.

  70. vova666 says:

    Captain Emo

  71. Bathesinmilk says:

    I am sure I had some thing more important to do this evening – but it can not have been this amusing. Goethe’s Fast. Grimm’s Now White.

  72. Bill Brouard says:

    Ear and loathing in Las Vegas
    Lice in Zombieland
    A time of gits
    Little omen
    The rave boys
    The Canterbury ales
    The fault in our tars
    Cath 22
    Catch 2

  73. Karl says:

    You know, I saw something similar on a Tumblr called Classy Books. It featured such titles as Ayn Rand’s classic “Atlas Farted,” George Bush’s seminal “Decision Farts”, and Faulkner’s opus “As I Lay Farting.”

    Gotta get the kids excited about literature!

  74. Daisy Marsh says:

    The Andromeda Train

  75. Science Books says:

    The Black Hoe War – Susskind
    The Elfish Gene – Dawkins
    The Disappearing Poon – Kean
    Gay’s Anatomy

  76. Sophie says:

    The Oy of Cooking, by Jewish Princess
    A Tree Rows in Brooklyn, Stories from Hurricane Sandy
    Ma’s Search for Meaning

  77. Sophie says:

    At Hoe in Mitford

    In a Dark Woo Wandering

  78. david unowsky says:

    Oliver Twit
    Lipstick Races (Greil Marcus)
    Goldilocks and the Three Bars
    Travels with Harley
    World According to Arp

  79. Amber says:

    The Da Vinci Cod is an actual book. It’s a parody, but a book nontheless. I know this because I’ve read it. It was literally the only comedy-style book in the airport on a very long flight, but yes. It exists.

  80. Michelle says:

    Me talk petty one day
    The fault in our tars
    Oryx and cake
    Midnight in the garden of goo and evil
    Stitch ‘n’ itch
    Invisible Ma
    The gass menagerie
    The tipping pint

  81. Michelle says:

    Also: Feces – a play by August Wilson

  82. Jenn W says:

    The Return of the Naïve (Thomas Hardy)
    Invasion of the Boy Snatchers (Jack Finney)
    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ma (James Joyce)

  83. RB says:

    The Geek Myths Vols 1&2
    A Brief History of Tim

  84. replicant says:

    Not sure if anyone submitted it yet but…”America Psycho”

  85. Lorraine says:

    The Wounded And – a grammar book!

  86. Tulsa Davenport says:

    Eats, Shoots, and Leave.

  87. Tulsa Davenport says:

    The Ridge Over the River Kwai

    The Plane of the Apes

    Do Quixote

  88. Tulsa Davenport says:

    The Old Bug
    The House of Even Gables
    Two Ears Before the Mast
    My Friend Licka

  89. Tulsa Davenport says:

    U Manchu?

  90. Tulsa Davenport says:


  91. Tulsa Davenport says:

    In the Eat of the Night
    In Old Blood
    Ur Man in Havana

    None Dare Call It Reason

    The Blue Boo

  92. Tulsa Davenport says:

    ‘Im by Kipling

    The Even Pillars of Wisdom

    The Silver Hair

    The Rise and Fall of the Roma Empire

  93. Sophie says:

    “Stories or Boys”

  94. Lorraine says:

    The Way We Wee!

  95. Robert B says:

    Water or Elephants
    One Girl
    Fight Cub
    Mater and Commander
    The Huger Games
    O’ Country for Old Men
    Goodnight Mon

  96. Patrick says:

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factor: A tale of how Willy Wonka integrated African Americans into his Oompa Loompa workforce.

  97. Anonymous says:

    The Velveteen Rabbi

  98. Barry Prunella Silverberg says:

    Did anyone do Voyage of the Bagle?

    Forrest Gum?
    Forrest Ump?
    Goldilocks and the Three Bars?
    Midsummer Night’s Ream?

  99. Don Fleagle says:

    The Reluctant Fund Mentalist
    Men Kampf
    The Blues Eye
    One Hot One Kill

  100. Don Fleagle says:

    The Screw Ape Letters
    Raged Dick

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