Is This the Most Talented Model in the World? (21 Pics)

Ahmed Angel is an international male model. As you can see, he is very talented and gifted professional. [via buzzfeed]

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23 Responses to Is This the Most Talented Model in the World? (21 Pics)

  1. Emu says:

    Something tells me he’s self employed and hasn’t actually been employed for a shoot by anyone outside of his Mothers social group…

  2. Flem says:


  3. Xavi says:

    He frightens me…exceptionally so.

  4. HW says:

    Queer looking, pale, no muscle tone = NO.

  5. smythe says:

    its the rebecca black of the arabian male modelling world!

  6. Pete says:

    He’s borderline uncanny valley

    I was expecting a punch line at the end (he’s actually a wax figure or something). Surprised to see this here, otherwise.

  7. V says:

    He’s so airbrushed it makes him look like one of those twilight sparkle dorks. His photographer should also be fired.

  8. Krystal says:

    He scares me…a lot… my cat took one look and ran off my lap…

  9. amedeo says:

    very gay

  10. He is a wee bit too doll like. And the 1810 bangs are not so attractive a look. He looks much better with his hair pulled back.

  11. Ernesto says:

    Zoolander, is that you?

  12. Pete says:

    He should use more products in his hair, and on his face.

    Take off the gel and makeup, and it’s actually a 48 year old woman.

  13. Caitlin Boland says:

    LOL its like he picked out random romantic words, put them in sentences, and plastered them all over his pictures. They make no sense!

    Also, I don’t understand the “wet hair” style. It’s pretty bad.

  14. brukmurkalspurt says:

    Very creepy.

  15. melodie says:

    Children, this is was happens when you abuse photoshop.

  16. bie. says:

    Ugh… Sorry but, seriously? Who made these?
    He’s creepy-looking…. I seriously doubt he can be professional model.

  17. I’m thinkin’ that Justin Bieber, just maybe, doesn’t look so bad…

  18. David Smith says:

    He will take you back to a time… when black acid-washed jeans were in style

  19. EvilLord says:

    He is planet? Seriously?

  20. Carly says:

    MAHAA! This is golden.

  21. BDubs says:

    Am I the only one here thinking “Howard Wolowitz”?

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