Kids Prank Parents With Drug Deal Text (18 Pics)

Comedian Nathan Fielder (who hosts Nathan for You) suggested that his followers text their parents about a fake drug deal…hilarity ensues. [via buzzfeed]

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8 Responses to Kids Prank Parents With Drug Deal Text (18 Pics)

  1. Crystal B says:

    My dad won’t talk to me now.

  2. miya says:

    lmfao “FUCK YOU BRIAN”

  3. Niwa says:

    Hahahahah! Grammar Books – genius!

  4. Tophe says:

    That’s not kids pranking their parents, that’s Nathan pranking the kids.

  5. Sky says:

    I wanna know why you would even joke about that with your Dad if he is a member of ICE! xP

  6. nate bousfield says:

    What I’ve learned today = there is no such thing as an Android phone.

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