Cats That Look Like Male Models (21 Pics)

The blog Des Hommes et des Chatons pairs male models with their kitten counterparts. [via uproxx]



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10 Responses to Cats That Look Like Male Models (21 Pics)

  1. Mary says:

    One of my favorite pages ever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    male models that look like cats*

  3. Michael Cox says:

    Thank you for reposting this, I would never have thought to do a search for “male model and cat” but there it is and as they say in Paris, il est très drôle.

  4. Stopping by from Inspired By Charm. These photos are so cute and made me laugh! Pinning this for a rainy day :)

  5. Chiara says:

    (òÓړ) !!! this is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

    person who put this together WOW. #talent #shine
    Very good eye 😉



    Xx Chi

    *** Oh and !
    I wouldn’t have known of this if not for Nicole so thanks gal!
    😛 ***

  6. Gabby says:

    How is the guy on the keyboard even on the list lol

  7. So I put my name here or what? says:

    dat batman

  8. person says:

    whos the first model??? i neeeed to know his name.

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