Best of the Angry Gordon Ramsay Meme (20 Pics)

The Gordon Ramsay macro is the most recent meme to take over the Internet. Here are a few of the best entries… [via quickmeme]

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11 Responses to Best of the Angry Gordon Ramsay Meme (20 Pics)

  1. Dojix says:

    “You’ve used so much oil, the US want to invade the plate.”
    “This lamb is so undercooked, Welsh people are still trying to shag it.”
    “The pork is so raw, it’s still singing ‘Hakuna Matata’.”

  2. Anne says:

    The squid is so raw, it’s still telling spongebob to piss off

  3. Anonymous says:

    This chicken is so undercooked that a skilled vet could still save it!

  4. carlos says:

    this sushi, IS RAW!

  5. V says:

    Is this how they cook cactus in Mexico? Tastes more like caca.

  6. Obi says:

    That steak was so Black NYPD just kicked the door in and shot it

  7. Obi says:

    So I can’t post “that steak was so black NYPD just shot it” But Eric can say “the squid is so raw, it’s still raping japanese schoolgirl” Wow guys talk about dodging an issue…

  8. Stephen says:

    This dish is so salty; only a porn star would swallow it.

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