Meet Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair Cat (22 Pics)

Snoopy the cat is an exotic shorthair that lives in China. As you can see, Snoopy is very stylish and enjoys modeling. You can find more pictures of him over on tumblr.

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4 Responses to Meet Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair Cat (22 Pics)

  1. Tatiana says:

    I need that cat! He is so effin cute!

  2. Caleb D says:

    I hate to sound mean but am i the only on that saw Jabba the Hutt in them. I love this cat and think hes adorable and in fact i have the kitty on my phones pictures. But i was looking at them and i was expecting it to say Han, my boy, why haven’t you fed me? :)

  3. Lorena says:

    What a sweet, sweet kitty. Such an endearing face – and doesn`t seem to mind the poses……… Yes, I so wish he was mine too……….

  4. sparky says:

    I’m a dog person, and I don’t even like cats that much…. but I want this cat so bad

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