22 Parents Who Are Doing it Right

Parenting is a tough job, but these mothers and fathers seem to have figured it out…























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23 Responses to 22 Parents Who Are Doing it Right

  1. SKB says:

    Three months. The twins are three months old. For crap’s sake, parents, learn when it’s appropriate to switch from weeks to months and from months to years (no, your child is not 30 months old, he’s two.)

    • catimaice says:

      As a mom, 12 weeks is still an appropriate time to use weeks instead of months because they change so much every week. We do the same with puppies until about 6 months.

    • christian says:

      obviously, you don’t have kids. they refer to young children, usually under 2, by weeks because they are changing rapidly. good luck buying a baby clothes that fit if you just say 2 months old (etc…).

      • JoDa says:

        Yeah, because those baby clothes come in sizes like 24-36 *weeks* right? I buy lots of baby clothes, and last I checked, they were in months up to 2 years, and then years after that. I guess something changed since I sent that shower gift last week?

    • AScarfTooMany says:

      Y-you looked at all this completely awesome stuff – well, mostly completely awesome, I feel bad about the parents playing the PS3 trick on their kids and stuff – and that’s the thing you focused on? D:

      I really thought the guy in the back seat reading to the kid was great. I know my mom’d like to see the $100 room cleaning comment. The cars in cribs are oddly adorable. I wish I’d had a table-sheet hammock when I was small enough to enjoy it. Poor kid who stole a pretty rock, I feel your pain.

      I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy any of this! :(

      • Epona says:

        Very well said AScarfTooMany. That’s just sad :( Those parents made such a cool gesture towards their fellow travelers that should be applauded, but how they’re refering to the age of their children is more important and worthy to comment on? Dear gods. SKB, I really feel sorry for you.

        Loved the pics! The one with the toy cars and beds could have been me as a kid :D

      • Rachel says:

        Exactly! This was so neat, I’d rather enjoy than nitpick something that isn’t a problem anyway.

    • jaybird says:

      A lot can happen in a month when you’re an infant. And good exaggeration, nobody says 30 months. Nearly all parents switch to years by two. But up until that point it’s okay to say the months. A one year old and an 18 month old have tons of differences between them.

      It’s something that become a lot clearer when you have children. And honestly, if something so harmless and trivial bothers you, maybe children aren’t something you should ever have.

    • Neil Flagg says:

      Bitter old bitch.

    • Anonymous says:

      who gives a shit

    • Sandi says:

      Two and a half. You obviously have never had a child. When 6 months is 20% of your entire life, it makes a difference. You aren’t two, and you aren’t three. See if you don’t mind being called 60 years old when you’re 50, or 70.

    • NF says:

      Wow after looking at all these awesome cute pictures and putting a smile on my face, all you have to say (complain and vent) is they’re 3 months old? 14 weeks old is the same thing as 3 and a half months, if you can’t do math in you head well then…..And who cares how someone states there child’s age, it’s the same thing. Half a litre is 16 ounces and is 500 ml, all the same, you must be very bitter to see all these sweet pictures but yet find something to vent about.

  2. Thanksforthelaugh says:

    Top Three (in my opinion)

    1. The Narnia room. I loved those books when I was a kid and to have a wardrobe that did that?! Lol. Just like the movie? I can almost hear a child on their first discovery of that room.

    2. The cars in the crib. I was so that child.

    3. The plane one was adorable. Such sweet people to do that and they brought ear plugs! Here here! Show the other people how to do it right!

  3. Kevin says:

    Thanks for posting my son! He is dressed up as Mega Man. This was 4 years ago, we have been making costumes together every halloween.

  4. Nate Hall says:

    Remembering what it was like to be a kid makes a great parent!

  5. Oellort says:

    I’m going to start referring to people’s age in days just to F with all of you weeks, months, and year idiots.

  6. Feral Ghoul says:

    The plane one was the best. I want to salute those parents.

  7. Artemis Grayson says:

    As a twin. DO NOT let your children grow up being called ‘The Twins’. Do not let people tell them ‘how much a like they are’ let then decided how to be themselves instead of copping the other. They don’t have to share friends, and they should each get their own gifts and birthday song sang to them on their birthday. Don’t compare them to the other either. For good, or bad things. Small stuff, but it’s important & we notice.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Yes yes YES to all of these. I want to cry these parents are so amazing. I wish I had parents like these, and you bet your Mario overalls I’m gonna be one of them someday.

    And regarding the first comment on this incredibly wonderful thing:
    SKB is obviously doing it wrong.

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