20 More Fun Products You Never Knew You Needed (1.31.13)

I hope you just got your paycheck, because it’s time to start spending. Also, there are some really great Valentine’s Day gift ideas in here…

Oktopus Toilet Plunger:


This Couple’s Alarm Clock:


The Bang! Lamp:

buy it

Carrier Pigeon “Envelopes” for sending mail:

buy it

Chewbacca Robe:

buy it | via

Samurai Earbuds:

buy it (in japan)

Donkey Kong Wall Shelves:

by Igor Chak

Melting Leggings:

buy itvia

Organ Plushes:

buy it

Pencil Eraser Hats:

buy it

“Squirrel After Your Nuts” Pants:

buy it | via

Plush Sliders:

buy it | via

The Carlton Banks Hoodie:


Flat Extension Cord:


Here for the Beer Sweatshirt With Extra Pouch:

buy it

The Octopizza:

make it | via

Bitch Please Gloves:


The Unicorn Bouquet:

buy it

This Handy Flashlight:

buy it (in japan) | via

Pixel Heart Heat-Changing Mug:

buy it

More Fun Products You Never Knew You Needed–>

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6 Responses to 20 More Fun Products You Never Knew You Needed (1.31.13)

  1. Brandon says:

    Those alarm rings are absolutely brilliant!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can’t really put that pigeon in a regular mailbox, can you?

  3. Dan says:

    Got to get those alarm clock rings, I have to be up a couple hours early then my wife and she would love that

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