The Coolest Mayor in the World

Jon Gnarr is the mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland. It’s safe to say that no politician has ever been this unique in the history of American politics… [via]

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8 Responses to The Coolest Mayor in the World

  1. Matthew says:

    There is a documentary about him. Here is the review from my site when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival a year and a half ago:

    I think it is on netflix now.

  2. UltraSuicide says:

    But we already have mentally retarded people in politics

  3. freddie freeloader says:

    Iceland is a bankrupt (literally, bankrupt) little country, and this maybe one of the reasons. Apparently their politicians are a joke.

  4. EDP says:

    So… a retarded politician. Really? The world is worse than I thought.

  5. Joshua Alverson says:

    Some pretty ignorant comments around here. “Retarded” does not mean stupid.

  6. TheFlutteryay says:

    I remember the woman in photo number four. She was the parties representative that came to my politics class. 😀 People asked as much about Jòn as they asked about their political plans.
    I miss living in Reykjavìk.

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