Is Corgnelius the Cutest Corgi on the Internet? (16 Pics)

For obvious reasons, Corgnelius has earned a pretty solid following on tumblr. If you know a cuter corgi, then I’d like to see it (no, seriously, LET ME SEE IT!!!). [via buzzfeed]

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6 Responses to Is Corgnelius the Cutest Corgi on the Internet? (16 Pics)

  1. dan says:

    All’s I wanna know is… Where did he get that can of Slurm!?!

  2. Charlene says:

    I have a Corgi, so saying that mine is cuter would be biased! But this little guy above is just too cute! Thanks Jeff again for all the Corgi pics!

  3. jamie's cryin' says:

    AHHH! So much cute in one post!

  4. Alice says:

    I totally thought this dog had Slurm for a moment! I was like WHAAAT???!?

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