A Map of Your Grocery Store

Here’s a map of every grocery store ever…

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7 Responses to A Map of Your Grocery Store

  1. jzimbert says:

    Excellent, but I think 8 should be closer to 7.

  2. Mike says:

    I work in a grocery store, and I can vouch for the accuracy of this map.

  3. Ednor says:

    Pretty much right on the money.
    I would add one more register that features the cashier who has been completely paralyzed after being presented with a twenty and a nickel after announcing a total of $15.05.

  4. Bob says:

    You forgot things that grow on bushes.

  5. oraigamio says:

    This is hilarious especially the part where it says Edible items (also rice cakes,) this is a subtle yet funny way to imply that rice cakes are not edible. Hahaha.

  6. Mr. Fed Up says:

    THIS IS AWESOME. Seriously, this made my day and I had to share it on my site. I know my readers will love it.

    THANK YOU for posting this. It is completely true…and I am now going to use the term ‘cow juice’ in my daily life. Thanks!

  7. GreatDeceiver says:

    No freash bred in USA? We usualy have it beside dead animal section?

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