23 Funny Examples of Awful Graffiti

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3 Responses to 23 Funny Examples of Awful Graffiti

  1. someone says:

    Unfortunately, the first one was painted over last year. It made me sad. I loved it.

  2. Julius_Zsako says:

    Funny? Have fun by marking up and defacing the neighborhood? It isn’t funny to the homeowner or adjacent business. As noted at http://www.DefacingAmerica.com , we don’t have an art problem. We have a vandalism problem. We can stop graffiti. Graffiti vandalism is a selfish act where an individual or small number of people take what they want from the community. They want visibility so they take a space you paid for, perhaps a fence at your home or a street sign or lamp post in your neighborhood that you paid for in taxes. Graffiti vandals often start graffiti writing thinking it is harmless, that it is appropriate freedom of speech or self expression, that it improves the visual environment. If we want to stop graffiti we need to foster attitudes that recognize graffiti for what it is. Unauthorized vandalism, highly destructive and costly to repair.

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