Useless Website Helps You Discover Useless Websites

The Useless Web is a site that randomly links you out to useless websites (that are actually pretty good at wasting a few minutes of your day). Click the image to go try it out. [via rid]

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3 Responses to Useless Website Helps You Discover Useless Websites

  1. Michael says:

    I’m not sure if I should be proud or disappointed that I went through his entire database in one night.

    • Mary Elizabeth says:

      I did too, but I’m proud… to the max.

    • ElvisShotJFK says:

      I went through them all. A couple I actually bothered to bookmark for further self-abuse or to annoy people at work.

      Currently, “Chicken On A Raft” is echoing through my head, nothing a few minutes of swinging some leek around to the tune of “Leva’s Polka” won’t fix.

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