Switcheroo: Couples Swapping Outfits

Over the past couple years, Hana Pesut has photographed a couple hundred pairs of people swapping clothes for a photo series she calls Switcheroo. If you want to help Hana turn her series into a book, check out her Indiegogo page. [via booooooom]

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4 Responses to Switcheroo: Couples Swapping Outfits

  1. Jaslene says:

    I love everything about this.

  2. ursa says:

    Hmm, I guess only hetero-normative couples have the “edgy impact” of this … meme. Same-sex or gender-queer/gender fluid couples? well, this s*it is oldschool to them.

  3. j says:

    Oh Ursa, tell us more about how progressive and unflappable you are.

  4. pookie says:

    um. how the HELL are the men able to fit into the tights and leggings without ripping them?

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