Hard Truths From Soft Cats (12 Pics)

If you’re going to give bad news, you might as well soften the blow by using a cat. At least, that’s the stance taken by the new blog: Hard Truths From Soft Cats. [via sad and useless]

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7 Responses to Hard Truths From Soft Cats (12 Pics)

  1. The astronomer says:

    I’m depresed

  2. dorothy says:

    that really hurt….

  3. wow so sad says:


  4. Carolina Massoto says:

    Man, that is bleak.

  5. t-wu says:

    that’s just so f******* depressing!

  6. Anonymous says:

    ughhhh lost all motivation

  7. Yi-Phan says:

    Okay, not even really remotely funny… just done in really poor taste.

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