World’s Best Dad (25 Pics)

Photographer Dave Engledow initially started taking photos of himself and his daughter to “capture the dazed, sleep-deprived obliviousness of the new father.” The series has since evolved a bit, but the irony of the World’s Best Dad mug featured in every photo remains a running gag. (found via)

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8 Responses to World’s Best Dad (25 Pics)

  1. Wanker Engel says:

    Some Lib-tard will probably want to control the viewing of this, or punish the people involved for this funny…

  2. Kathy Lee says:

    What a great idea. I love his creativity in coming up with all these different shots. His daughter will always cherish these photos.

  3. linda willoughby says:

    These were HILARIOUS! My son is about to be a father in September – a true miracle given he and his now ex-wife spent about $20,000 at a fertility clinic who told them they would never be parents. I will be sending him the link to these pictures.

  4. Jason Tweed says:

    Great photos. As a Dad of twins, I can relate. Some of them are hilarious, and others are scarily accurate!

  5. bala girish says:

    yeah, they are fantastic…the child is amazing i like her expressions and they are good.

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