Your Daily Life in GIFs (9.10.12)

When people make fun of you to your face for being weird:

When someone turns on the light while you’re sleeping:

What job hunting feels like:

When something you bought online finally arrives in the mail:

How you feel when Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your house:

When a girl breaks your heart:

When your friend has an incredibly stupid, but hilarious idea:

When your friend has food, but you don’t:

When someone says, “don’t look”:

When you win a board game:

When you lose a board game:

When a cute girl walks by:

When someone steps on your brand-new shoes:

When you perform your “I need to pee” dance:

As a teen, when you come home from hanging out with friends and your parents interrogate you like, “Are you on drugs!?”:

When you actually scored tickets to something that’s sold out so you walk past the standby line like a VIP:

Most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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  1. Aaron Ong says:

    My Sassy Girl!

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