17 Photos of Mitt Romney With a Tiny Face

Why is there a whole blog dedicated to Photoshopping a tiny face onto photos of Mitt Romney? Because it’s the Internet, that’s why.

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7 Responses to 17 Photos of Mitt Romney With a Tiny Face

  1. John Wysaski says:

    Looks just like Jay Leno!

  2. Criggo says:

    That’s very, VERY funny. Thanks, Jeff!

  3. Spencer says:

    This is really funny XD but i hope your not just doing it to be against romney.

  4. bob says:

    Hahaha! Now do Obama!

  5. Allan says:

    He looks so much like Jay Leno in 4

  6. theComplex says:

    LMFAO!!! I wish I could explain how hard it was to gain enough composure to comment. Hilarious.

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