Your Daily Life in GIFs (5.21.12)

When you hear someone calling your name, but you can’t find where it’s coming from:

When someone tries to talk to you while you’re listening to music:

When you trip over absolutely nothing:


When someone tells you to redo your work:

When you walk into a store and your favorite song comes on:

When you used to play hide and seek and the person said, “ready or not here I come” before you found a hiding spot:

When your sleeves start to fall down while your washing your hands so you’re all like:

When someone bumps into you and doesn’t say sorry:

How banks work:

When you hear people freaking out about a fandom you don’t like:

When you’re trying to watch a video and it won’t load:

When you replay in your head what some jerk said to you earlier:

When you’re taking notes and the teacher is talking too fast:

When you’re listening to a song for the first time and decide you like it:

When you forget to set your alarm, but wake up on time anyway:

When you send a Facebook message to someone you like and they never write back:

When you see 12-year-olds going on about how they’re heartbroken:

When you get to ride in a limo:

most of these come from herehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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3 Responses to Your Daily Life in GIFs (5.21.12)

  1. matthew leeb says:

    hahahhahah, love this one, great concept :)

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  3. emma says:

    yay boss !

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