Video: Teenager Can’t Get Out of Garage

Driving is hard…right guys? Well, at maybe least for this neophyte teen driver.


via irene / dpf

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4 Responses to Video: Teenager Can’t Get Out of Garage

  1. HW says:


    I wouldn’t let my kid drive away after a mess like that.

    Nor would I let my kid drive away with her younger sibling in the car.

    I hope they signed her up for drivers ed class after that.

  2. klp says:

    She had it on the first try , she was out the door 75% lol

  3. rampagedeluxe says:

    This video was funny until the end. That is when I realized that she would soon be on the road with the rest of civilization. I thought it was bad when she those shelves. Theres moving shelves beyond those walls.

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