The 12 Gutsiest Moves You Can Make In Life

You’d have to be one of the bravest people in the world to try any of the following maneuvers…


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4 Responses to The 12 Gutsiest Moves You Can Make In Life

  1. Rossy says:

    I didnt know i had guts! i have done #3 and #5 the cat one and the crossword one… beware of me chuck!

  2. nyancat says:

    Done #1 on the “Deutsche Autobahn” and i’ve done #3. Both don’t count, because there is no speed limit on the German highway and my cat doesn’t mind a bath :)

  3. dan says:

    really? I think I have done all of these. Well, I don’t own a cat. Whoever made this is a very shelted individual. Then again, I shoot heroin, that’s pretty “gutsy”

    • Not Dan, thankfully. says:

      Dear “Dan”,
      Wow, you’re a flippin’ hardass. I hope you die. I hope you fall into a fiery pit, and then you die. I hope there are crocodiles that will cut you and eat you alive in the pit, after which you die.
      Please, kill yourself.

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