Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.23.12)

When you see a mosquito on your friend:

When you step out of the pool:

When your friends are all talking in a circle and you get left out:

When you’re asked to take a picture with younger family members:

When someone insults your favorite band:

When you’re out eating with people and the food finally comes to the table:

When you check into a hotel:

When you get in the shower and the water is too cold:

When you accidentally click a link and know you can’t stop the page from loading in time:

When you find the backside of the test:

When you and your friend find out you are assigned as lab partners:

When the teacher says, “study this over the weekend”:

When something is taking too long to load:

When someone says, “Hey, remember me?” and you have no idea who they are:

When you like someone that you can’t have:

When you’re leaving for the mall to get new clothes:

When you unexpectedly run into a friend somewhere random:

When your mom bought your 5-year-old brother a Nerf gun:

most of these come from hereherehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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9 Responses to Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.23.12)

  1. Lee Berman says:

    YA!!! is there any way we can get more teenage girls to post stupid crap about their tough lives on the internet??? PLEASE??? I hope for the sake of the future and our society in general this was some kind of school project.

    • Common Sense says:

      You didn’t even look through it did you?

    • Danielsan says:

      This was supposed to be funny. Everyone other than you thought that it was.

    • Looking for Lee Berman's intelligence.. still looking.. haven't quite found it.. says:

      Clearly you’re mentally challenged so I’ll keep this as simple and easy to understand as possible for you.. why you no read words and see moving pictures before writing dumb from brain? Could you follow that? No? How about this.. YOU’RE STUPID!

      Post was by a dude named Jeff (great post BTW) and not a single GIF had anything to do with how hard HIS life is. It was just supposed to be funny. A blind and retarded monkey could see that.. but not you Lee Berman.. not you.

      So in conclusion; please don’t procreate… ever.

    • Joseph says:

      Man, you’re some kind of stupid. It was irreverent, fun and silly, and I can’t see hoe someone who isn’t a bitter little person would find anything else in it.

  2. :D says:

    Hehe, cracked me up a few times. Thanks alot for that! :)

    And Lee, You on the crack bro?

  3. O_O says:

    Look at the gif’s backround in the one titled “When your friends are all talking in a circle and you get left out”. The chick in the back left…her chin just moves into her face…wtf…

  4. Nobody says:

    For any Doctor Who fans, the one with the guy hitting the load sign with the baseball bat, that’s David Tennant. :D

  5. Jason says:

    HAHA the dog slap is hilarious.

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