Your Daily Life in GIFs (2.6.12)

I will go ahead and admit that this first one is me whenever Rihanna’s “We Found Love” comes on the radio (that is not a song dudes should like).

When you like a song by an artist you hate:

When you eat all the good stuff in the fridge while everyone else is gone:

When you catch the person you like looking at you:

When you forget to set your alarm, but wake up on time anyway:

When you’re shopping with friends and a song you like comes on over the loudspeaker:

When you go to check the time, but aren’t wearing a watch:

When someone asks you to do the dishes:

When you wear socks on a tile floor:

When someone you don’t like touches you:

When people try to take a picture without you:

When you’re taller than your older siblings:

When you were little and dropped your ice cream cone:

When you get the window seat on an airplane:

When you’re not looking where you’re going and bump into someone:

When you’re looking gross and someone wants to take a photo of you:

When your friend tells you she just got back together with her crappy boyfriend:

When you’re going to the bathroom and the automatic toilet flushes before you’re finished:

these all come from herehere and here.

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4 Responses to Your Daily Life in GIFs (2.6.12)

  1. das envaydah says:

    #6 is deadmau5

  2. Office Bitch says:

    LOVE #4! And I’m a girl who has refused to listen to Rihanna until I started to like “We Found Love”, so right there with you.

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