Can’t Be Unseen: Pop Culture Aging Comparisons (13 Pics)

There are some uncanny similarities between a few TV characters and celebrities. Check the images below to have your mind blown:


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4 Responses to Can’t Be Unseen: Pop Culture Aging Comparisons (13 Pics)

  1. Charlene says:

    I check out your website everyday to get a good laugh at the silly stuff you find! Thanks Jeff!

  2. Silverfucked says:

    These are hilarious! Good jorb!!

    Except, for the saintity of my childhood, BUTTERCUP DID NOT GROW UP TO BE KATY PERRY. NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN.

    Thnks <3

    • Brian says:

      job* Thanks*

      Also: Many of the “adults” actually either were adults at the same time as when the kids were kids (like moby and the kid from malcom in the middle or whoopie goldberg and kel mitchell) or were like that BEFORE the kid was a kid (mostly the quiet riot / Hannah Montana image)

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