18 Funny Text Messages

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19 Responses to 18 Funny Text Messages

  1. sophia says:

    Hahahahah sooo funny

  2. aaaaa says:


  3. Cheddarface says:

    The dumbledore one is obviously fake.

  4. Thing 2 says:

    OMG!!! Those r so funny~!!! LOL

  5. This is sooooo hilarious send me some more!!!!!!!

  6. neidy says:

    lol loved them but it is kinda funny how auto correct does all that

  7. pepe says:

    that is sooooooooo crack uhp mahn!!! i am laughing my azz off!lol

  8. Perri Williams says:

    OMG so funny acctrally peeing my self from laughing!!!!!!! :)

  9. Amber says:

    dont know how you all find these funny

  10. nayeli says:

    this so just hilarious! :) lol

  11. Anonymous says:

    these are feakin funny an gross!!!!!!”LMFAO”

  12. tybryantodd says:

    this is retarted worst text ever none of them are funny there gay iv sent text messages funnier than this haha i forgot to menchan if u read this u r gay

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