The 13 Most Common Brain Farts in Human History

Let’s face it: there are more than a couple glitches in the workings of the human brain. When one of these glitches occurs, it is sometimes described as a brain fart. Below is a list of brain farts that pretty much everyone has had one time or another.














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47 Responses to The 13 Most Common Brain Farts in Human History

  1. Merc says:

    AKA 13 Most Common First World Problems

  2. thehippopotamus says:

    Well, 6 seems reasonable, its probably worth checking in case its just a blown fuse.

  3. lbr218 says:

    What state are you from? I know Chick-Fil-A is only in a few.

    Just wondering. Not really sure why.

  4. Daniel says:

    Surely “pushing/pulling on doors labeled pull/push” is more widespread and longer-lived than forgetting what you were Googling for.

    • Dave says:

      I don’t know… that one should have been on the list somewhere but I forget what I’m about to google for ALL the fucking time.

  5. writermom4 says:

    Forget my age – did that today. Filled in a form and put 33; going back over my answers I was staring at it for several minutes before I realized I was off by 3 years.

    How about this one? Forgetting what year it is (and not just in January). This year alone, I’ve filled out SIX checks with the year 2006 for some reason.

    • The Dark Force says:

      You … Must … Seek … Help

    • kyle says:

      wow… you’re living in three separate worlds at the same time? thinking you’re 3 years older than you really are (2014?) and writing 2006 on checks? i could understand accidentally writing 29 if you’re 30, or 2010 when it’s 2011… but 2006? really? that was five years ago…

  6. Matt says:

    Similar to #13:

    Ticket tearer: “Enjoy your show.”

    Customer: “You too.”

  7. Chuck Phillet says:

    I wouldn’t say the Sunday Chikfilet trip is a brain fart. Why would you guess it was run by radical fundamentalist christians? Btw, its waaaaaay overrated, don’t bother lining up down the highway, like they did in Texas for the new In-n-Out Burger.

    • ES says:

      #14 would be leaving stupid, irrelevant comments that no one cares about. Oh, you know, sort of like Chuck’s.

      • Mad says:

        I cared.
        Living in Not-USA, I don’t know any Chick-Fil-A and therefore don’t know their opening hours, but now I know, making #10 more understandable.

        Oh, and btw your comment was a “#14 would be leaving stupid, irrelevant comments that no one cares about.”

      • Steve says:

        If it’s related to something in the article it’s not irrelevant. Perhaps you need to look up the meaning of that word.

        And as with Mad, I’m also not from the US, so I also had not heard of this particular company, so Chuck’s comment was actually enlightening. You appear to be suffering from a case of “I am the world”.

    • Hail to the Redskins says:

      That was in Dallas. You cant blame cowboys fans. When they are told something is good they just keep believing it for years and years without even realizing how bad it is. Someone told then In and Out was good so shit skeeter lets line up. just like season ticket holders to the cowgirls do every year.

    • David says:

      Out of interest, how do you be a “Radical Fundamentalist”? Surely Radical would suggest you are suggesting something new and different, while Fundamentalist suggests the return to the fundamentals of what you believe – the very basics, setup at the beginning. And I welcome it when stuff is closed on Sundays, makes a nice change. Just because you find it inconvenient you can’t have your fast-food chicken precisely whenever you want it (which actually doesn’t matter by your own admission that their food is “waaaaaay overrated”, so I’m guessing you don’t eat there anyway), doesn’t then mean other people have to go out of their way and break the laws of their own beliefs.

    • Anonymous says:

      That place is gross!

  8. Terry_Jim says:

    I am a Mailman.
    It cracks me up when a customer walks out to their mailbox, sees me coming 3-4 houses away, and then looks in their mailbox to see if I’ve been there yet.

  9. Ray says:

    What’s with #10? Are they known to close on Sundays? (They don’t exist in Canada.) And it’s Chick-Fil-A, not Chic-Fil-A, BTW

  10. TH says:

    How about going around saying “where the hell are my keys” when they are right there in your hand?

  11. criswell says:

    One that I’ll tease my kid about forever.

    Waitress: Would you like soup or salad?

    Lauren: Yes!

    Waitress: Soup or salad?

    Lauren: YES!

    She thought she’d be getting a very large powerful SUPER SALAD!

  12. NATALIA says:

    AWESOME :D my favourite is last one

  13. grimes says:

    or when you cough to try and muffle a fart, not realizing your about to part everyones hair.

  14. Ragnar says:

    14. Looking for your glasses while wearing them.

  15. Steve says:

    My brother did a good one while in a bakery in Scotland,

    “What’s that?”
    “It’s an apple donut”
    “What’s in it?”

  16. Fake Imposter says:

    crap. now i cant spell okasion

    • PsychoWard says:

      *Occasion… And ‘I’s are capitalized, and “cant” has an apostrophe, “can’t”… Just saying…

      • Dakota Lally says:

        Cant doesn’t have an apostrophe.. If you are going to correct someone’s grammar, make sure your own is correct.
        LOL. or should i have been says l’O’L.?

    • PsychoChick says:

      To Fake Imposter:
      *Occasion… and “I” is captialized, and “cant” has an apostrophe, “can’t”…
      Just saying…

      • Weez says:

        maybe your i’s are capitalized, but i’m not so pretentious as to believe that i deserve that kind of special treatment.

  17. k9000 says:

    The “checking the watch entry” made me nostalgic for George Carlin stand-up…

  18. anon says:

    My ones would be:

    Walking into a room and forgetting what you went there to do.

    Having a panic attack because you’ve lost your ipod then realising you’re listening to it.

    Spelling your own name wrong.

  19. Pat says:

    these are all also true if your very high

  20. Shapewear says:

    Omg, I see myself in most of these situations.

  21. Dave says:

    I’m only guilty of 11 of them. Never had 8 or 13.

  22. Dakota Lally says:

    I didnt know chick-fil-a was closed on sundays, but I don’t go there often anyways. One I would add would be forgetting how to spell your name.. I have done this many times. The only time I have forgotten about food in the microwave was when I was drunk as hell. A couple times I have left it there due to losing track of time and needing to leave for work. I am so bad about forgetting about a google search, or looking for something in my hand. Cant say I have ever tried the light in another room, knowing the power is out, but I guess instinct dictates I probably flipped the switch, but not to try for light, only out of habit.

  23. ed smith says:

    Brain-fart ,… the definition is brain-fart

  24. Gary T says:

    Logging onto a comment section, then needing to re-read the article to recall;

    1, the article’s subject/content
    2, the point I was going to respond to
    3, my intended comment
    4, ?…

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