15 Ideas That Are Simply Amazing

Not all inventions have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most ingenious. Below are 15 simple ideas that could make your everyday life a little bit easier or more fun.

The No-Guess Door Hack:

A Cleaner Toilet Experience:

Cord Organization With Bread Ties:

Cord Containers:

Simple Refrigerator Organization:

Sand Shovels:

Ingenious Way To Fill a Bucket:

Security Lock for USB Drives:

Dollar Shredder Alarm Clock:

Paper Cup Holder:

Karate Chop Salad Chopper:

Snuggle-Friendly Mattress:

Portable Bike:

Food Tray for the Car:


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7 Responses to 15 Ideas That Are Simply Amazing

  1. George Ishkhanian says:

    Where can i buy these products?

  2. dls, says:

    in oreder; -craft store,
    -make your own,
    -grocery store,
    – ebay,
    – walmart
    and try a mix of ebay and google to figure out the rest.

  3. I like the paper cup holder, that allows 2 cups to be carried, love the little design touch that allows napkin to be carried. These would loo great branded, I am sure some one like http://www.thepapercupcompany.co.uk would stock this item, as they are ideal for paper cups.

  4. *Twinker Bell Lova says:

    those are so awesome and i bet cheap and economical. although they made me laugh a little they were pretty handy. and the best part most of them can be made from items found right around the house or yard.

  5. Alexavier says:

    PORTABLE BIKE?!?!?!!? …. Holy carp I need that.

  6. Andy says:

    The lockable USB is a neat idea, but too wide.

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