Infographic: Masturbation Facts and Statistics

Choking the chicken, tickling the pickle, spanking the monkey…whatever you want to call it, masturbation is a pretty common practice these days. Don’t believe it? Check out the infographic below to discover 13 very interesting facts and stats about fapping.

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Math for final figure: number of masturbatory aged people in US: 240,052,886; average session: 12 minutes; average frequency: 62.5 percent masturbate daily; therefore 153,053,044 masturbate a day; equals 7.5 minutes of everyone’s day (or 450 seconds a day); therefore, 797,151 Americans are masturbating right now.


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39 Responses to Infographic: Masturbation Facts and Statistics

  1. TheReviewer says:

    I’m at work so have book marked this for later on…

  2. Don says:

    Where does the statistic:
    “22.6% of women have been intentionaly walked in on”
    come from? I could not find it in the references.

  3. Michael K says:

    I realize you are faithfully reproducing numbers from another source, but #1 doesn’t make any sense. If only 70% of married men masturbate, but 95% of all men masturbate, that implies that, if single men outnumber married men by exactly 5:1, then 100% of single men masturbate. While this is (sort of) believable, if the ratio of single to married men is closer to 1:1 (the actual reality), then 120% of those single men must be masturbaters to make up for all the non-masturbating married guys.

    The realistic solution is that the studies were done independently and that the results imply neither study can be trusted without reporting their margin of error.

    • Poindexter says:

      It’s not how many actually do it, it’s how many ADMIT to doing it.

      • an says:

        realy…singl men also dont have to do it eather…well not all singl men bc the can fuck when thay want its the married men that have wifes that only fuck so often that have to do this…its comen cens…ya i kno i spell alot wrong but come on…do u realy have to be an ass

        • GregR says:

          A smart ass is better than a dumb ass. If you feel the need to comment, at least take the time to spell correctly. You can’t be that busy. It’s annoying how people have become so lazy, dumb and narcissistic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nice stats, you’re very smart if you could figure that out…

    • Chris says:

      I believe what its saying is that 95% of men admit to having masturbated at some point in their life, but that only 70% admit to continuing the practice after getting married.

    • Andy says:

      What the numbers are saying is that married men represent 70% of the masturbating male population (95% of the entire male population), which means that 66,5% of men are married and masturbate

  4. Aeric Winter says:

    There’s a mistake in the math for your final figure.
    When you write “62.5 percent masturbate daily”, I couldn’t find that number in your sources.

    Sure, 40% of males and 22% of females admit to masturbating daily, but you can’t just add those numbers, you have to form the average! That would be 31%, only half of the assumed figure.

  5. masturabating says:

    I can’t believe someone could put so much effort into something and not proofread it for typos

  6. Thom says:

    It’s a humor website, folks… If you are getting caught up in the math, you’re missing the point!

  7. bitchbabe says:

    WHAT is MASTURBUTION?! I had sex with a guy, but what is masturbution, anyhow?

  8. toney says:

    I do it every week

  9. Truthiness says:

    It amazes me that humans would think of masturbation as unnatural when so many species of animals do it.

  10. allie says:

    this is so funny! :D i love the one about the kangaroos! lmao!!!

  11. WOLFIE says:

    So…does that mean a relationship between a male kangaroo and a female porcupine would basically be pointless? :)

  12. American girl Chelsea says:

    Haha u r guys very funny imao hahahaha huhuhuhu.

  13. genius-interrupted says:

    95% of men admit to masturbating… The other 5% are liars…

  14. SlowMoHoBo says:

    Auto erotic asphyxiation would be an accidental death… not a suicide.

  15. in my pants says:

    Hey! Stop talking. I’m tryimg to fap.

  16. Facts says:

    Wow 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation over sex. I’ve dated those 4 now where can I find the other 6.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i like pie :D

  18. Anonymous says:

    now having a wank

  19. fap addict says:

    Can you get the some statistics on the same for the African continent?

  20. anon says:

    yeah no shit women prefer masturbation to sex…masturbation will ALWAYS lead to an orgasm and doesn’t take ages

  21. Anonymous says:

    Andy hit it on the head guys. He makes sense out of the stats.

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