14 WTF Pics With Pretty Chicks

Good-looking girls aren’t immune from doing stupid things or getting caught in a really freaking weird photo. Below are 14 pics of pretty girls that are sure to make you say, “WTF!?”


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26 Responses to 14 WTF Pics With Pretty Chicks

  1. Greg Jasper says:

    The picture of the girl with the statue of the Pope is distasteful. Please consider removing it.

    Greg Jasper

  2. Nina says:

    Um you get the pope in the picture isnt REAL right? Its plastic or wax or something but not real.

  3. Maggie18 says:

    lmao. some people need to get a sense of humor!!!!
    The name of this article is “WTF Pics With Pretty Chicks” for a reason.

  4. Ian says:

    I agree, the picture of the Pope is distasteful… I don’t want to be reminded that Catholosicm exists

  5. Frank says:

    A minority in the world seems to be majority on this website. That pic with a dead person, loved by more than 1 billion people, is not humor as such. You can do better than that…

    • You are wrong. says:

      Actually it’s hilarious. Go slit your wrists.

      • Chris says:

        Haha, brilliant. Some people are so stupid. God doesn’t exist, the pope is the leader of a massive paedophilic cult and is followed by a load of people that can’t think for themselves. I suppose you all think the tooth fairy is real as well? Santa too? This is a great picture, lets have more of it!!

  6. LeDude says:

    Were the pope in that photo actually real, he’d be looking to do ‘things’ with an alterboy, not a little missy.

  7. Cochise says:

    And that’s whats wrong with this country these days, everyone is so God Damn sensitive. Get over it, really. She should’ve had her hand up his dress like she was jerking him off. Love it, it’s funny

  8. kayla says:

    so, can i insert some rationality to this debate? I am a christian, not a catholic, but whatever. what greg said was a personal opinion, and on top of that he was respectful in expressing it. He is entitled to his opinion, JUST LIKE you athiests are comletly entitled to yours. just cause his is different doesnt mean you have to say things that are rude and make you look dumb. i thought the picture was funny, and it is funny in a lot of ways. and also, catholics aren’t pedophiles…do you know how many people were pissed off about the scandal?!?!? its extremely small minded to call all catholics pedophiles when clearly they are NOT, its like calling all americans rich.

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