26 LOL Animal Pics (3.5.11)







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37 Responses to 26 LOL Animal Pics (3.5.11)

  1. Jimmy says:

    The photo of the arm full of kittens is clearly photo-shopped

  2. shawnabcdefg says:

    Yes. He’s only holding about five kittens actually. The rest are duplicated.
    Also, I love the big pile of shit in the picture with the dogs in the back of the truck.
    It’s so appealing.

  3. lik654 says:

    Great web site! I am realy happy stumbling upon it!

  4. Daniel White says:

    Some of them are quite funny. Great listing. :)

  5. lil says:

    i love the pic with the frogs. lol

  6. kathy says:

    I love these! They were so cute and definitely made me smile

  7. Anonymous says:

    clonestamp people not copy and paste

  8. alex says:

    Ok, that second to last picture, what kind of monkey is that??

  9. anonymous says:

    On the first picture, what kind of animal is that?

  10. Anonymous says:

    lol the dogs dressed up for halloween is the best!

  11. Anonymous says:

    kitten pix fake

  12. Anonymous says:

    this is so cute

  13. ruth says:

    Enjoy it for what it is. Makes you laugh

  14. Andrew says:

    LOL so cute and cuddly makes me laugh =-)

  15. breendastar says:

    sure…yeah… go ahead and slip in a little frog & panda porn….

  16. cute stuff says:

    Awh, great collection of adorable photos, thanks for sharing!

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. ThiB says:

    Hella funny

  19. rebecca says:

    kittens were together like praying so adorable!!!1

  20. Bherrera says:

    What a Happy way to start a day!! Animals are the answer to happiness !!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The CUTEST animal pictures EVER!!!

  22. A.Oscar says:

    It’s nice to seeing animals: the more I real know humans the more I love animals

  23. Mind Twister says:

    Who gives a crap if a pic is photo-shopped? Just smile and don’t be a pain in the @$$…

  24. Anonymous says:

    That was too funny. Love animals!
    Thank you
    love Mom

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