7 Super Nerdy Yo Mama Jokes

Nerds and geeks come in all varieties. As it turns out, these super geeks are just as adept at putting down your mom as anyone else. Whether or not you’ll get the joke, however, may depend:


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8 Responses to 7 Super Nerdy Yo Mama Jokes

  1. I always enjoy your blog and I’ve given you an award! Thanks for all the great pics. http://www.myspinningplates.com/blogging-award/1659

  2. oh yea so you think you go some good talent take a load of this “Yo mama’s so stupid, she put a ruler next to her bed to see how long she sleeps”

  3. This one goes to my BFFLADLLAD, Samantha Tancredi because its so funny and it talks about what we think is so funny,”Yo mama’s so hairy she could be sold as a Chia pet.”

  4. jade says:

    Yo Mama So Nasty. That She Pours Down her pants to keep her crabs warm!

  5. trevor ford says:

    your mama is so old i be playin jump rope with herr nipples

  6. kurt says:

    yer mom so ugly she just ugly

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