What Are These Hot Girls Thinking?

We all know what guys are thinking when they look at a picture of a hot girl. But what are all those pretty girls thinking when that photo is snapped? Here’s a few pics that should clue you into the internal mind of the pretty girl.

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11 Responses to What Are These Hot Girls Thinking?

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  2. Bored says:


  3. Not impressed! says:

    Whoever wrote the captions, has no sense of humor, and no friends!

  4. come on... says:

    terrible…just terrible…

  5. Chris says:

    OMG your captions suck balls.

  6. BroJo says:

    The fowarded chain e-mail one was aiight :)

  7. CRed says:

    Bean Star!!!!! !!!!!

  8. The humour is a little bit lost, :). That one with the pizza box, extracts a smile, :)

  9. Sprmcandy says:

    Windex girl is Hot.

  10. jennifer says:

    the last one was pretty damn funny :)

  11. w'ylde kittie says:

    Lost… xccept 4 2… scratch that bitch oops… meant…Itch! Lick’n the Mirror… her reflection in the mirror above…would look like she’s lick'” herself” again and again & … What is this girl thinking? meOOOw “kitty” purrrr ; >

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