85 LOL Animal Pics (1.8.11)

In honor of Caturday, here’s another batch of funny animal pics!

via The Frogman

self-annointation (by Robotronica)

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Anteater loves EZ Cheese


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15 Responses to 85 LOL Animal Pics (1.8.11)

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. fajas colombianas says:

    That’s one lazy cat, lazy but utterly cute.

  3. very cute… hedgehogs have LONG tongues?!

  4. nisse says:

    Not to many lulz in there.

  5. Vogel says:

    Um.. Those lizards are actually fighting, one of them is bleeding from the mouth, I wouldn’t call it either cute or funny.

  6. meg says:

    I love it! The kittens in party hats are actually mine :) We dressed them up for their 1-month birthday and the pic keeps popping up all over the place!

  7. Chekira says:

    awwww those animals are such cuties!

  8. :D says:

    awwwww all of them are so cute

  9. Bennaaman says:

    Bonjour de cherif

  10. Valerie Pegg says:

    OMG, those are great! The corgi puppies are adorable :)

  11. CuriousCatLady says:

    Can someone please tell what kind of cat the lazy cat is? The one playing videogames. I raised some rescues and one of them looks exactly like it but with different markings, he even lounges around like that, anybody??

  12. Mico says:

    Only three of these photos are actually funny. The rest are just well…. animal photos.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! Laughed so hard!!

  14. Paul Madarasz says:

    Brought a smile to my face this Sunday. I’m 61, but you’re never too old for cute animal pictures.

  15. shannon c says:

    That’s not blood…lizards don’t have teeth. Relax yo self!! Puhhlease

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