Exclusive: Criminal Records for the Cast of Seinfeld (Pics)

Pleated Jeans has uncovered official state documents of the notorious Seinfeld Four. As you may recall, these four notorious cohorts were incarcerated in 1998 for failure to render aid to a fat man who was being robbed in Latham, MA. However, as these criminal files indicate, the four have a long history of run-ins with the law:


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6 Responses to Exclusive: Criminal Records for the Cast of Seinfeld (Pics)

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  4. art vandelay says:

    what about when kramer knocked out mickey mantle?

  5. Wah says:

    Or Kramer burning down Susan’s parents cottage with his Cuban cigars?

  6. Newman says:

    Or the time Jerry attacked the Japanese tourists with the axe?

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