Disney Prince Fetishes (PIC)

As it turns out, the Disney Princes are some pretty kinky fellows:


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16 Responses to Disney Prince Fetishes (PIC)

  1. Shish says:

    Interracial is not a fetish

  2. aaaaah. now i get it….

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  5. lizzy says:

    mulan is more transvestism. snow white’s younger

  6. kendra says:

    interracial is not a fetish. it’s like putting homosexuality or heterosexuality on this list!

  7. dani says:

    actually Kendra, that is a fetish too…. you might like watching it and need to see it but never participate. also transvestism is a wonderful fetish that i myself have, but have never once been under a knife!

  8. Stun says:

    Actually, you’re wrong. By definition anything living CANNOT be a fetish.

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