What Your Computer Desktop Wallpaper Says About You

Almost everyone tries to customize their computer desktop with a unique background wallpaper. In many cases, looking at someone’s chosen image can give you a pretty good indication of what they’re all about. Check out the images below to learn what your computer desktop wallpaper says about you:


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24 responses to What Your Computer Desktop Wallpaper Says About You

  1. my wallpaper doesn’t fit anywhere: it’s a colorful artistic one with characters that look like from a bizarre cartoon.

    1. hmm. sounds inspiring. here’s what it says about you: creative. day dreamer. unconventional. a huge fan of nachos.

    2. So is mine. Maybe we have the same one?

      Mine is of a blue box creature feeding little black rabbits with a carrot. Two rainbows and a green field in the background. And lots of clouds and sparkles.

      We must be insane.

  2. Neither does mine…It’s a photo of a church blowing up with a burning tree next to it.
    And there’s buzzards. And gravestones.
    What does that make me?

    1. ooh. nice one. here’s what it says about you: atheist. convicted. outspoken. wanted in three states for arson.

  3. I have a neutral, mid-gray desktop. Plain. Real plain. So I can go all wild and crazy with Photoshop without any distractions.

  4. Welll, my desktop is an anime character… so I guess that falls into the video game category, because it pretty much describes me ^^

  5. My wallpaper is my favorite singer Kylie Minogue with the posed for her new album cover Aphrodite, slightly altered with clouds and all to give a heavenly and ethereal blue look .. What does that say about me? of course other than that I m a Kylie fan 😛

  6. My desktop doesn’t fit in any of these. It’s an abstract picture with blue glowing stuff that flows around the picture with a black backround.

  7. i have one of the Victoria’s Secret Pink Nation wallpapers that i got of their facebook… it’s the black one with a pink heart sunthing in the middle with a white dog in the middle of it… please tell me what that says about me!

  8. I have none of those things! My wallpaper is all black with white lettering that reads: “Hello. I am your wallpaper.” (And I love you)……………..what does that say about me?

  9. (I have two computers…) My desktop has a set of tricolor tan pointed pitts (mother and pup), since I study dog color genetics and absolutely love that pattern.

    However, my laptop has a Sburb house made of glyphs with the bold text “It’s just a game”. What does that say about me? (It’s not for a game, not yet. We have no release date, after all!)

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