How to be a Bully

Are you tired of looking around your school and seeing a bunch of puny nerds running the show? Do you need a way to relieve all that pent-up rage that keeps building up inside you? Ever feel like those hands of yours were born to give Indian rug burns?

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, then chances are you’re interested in becoming a bully. There are many advantages to being a bully, some of which include:

  • Finally getting the respect you deserve
  • Stress relief
  • Receiving negative attention from parents and teachers
  • Less homework
  • Extra lunch money
  • The ability to administer purple nurples

To enjoy these and other perks of bullying, simply follow these easy steps:

Have Crappy Parents

If you’re lucky, your parents are divorced drunks that are too busy going out at night and sleeping over at “Uncle” Steve‘s house to give you the proper discipline and attention you deserve. Thanks to the lack of structure and positive reinforcement provided by these dream parents, such an environment is ideal for nurturing the feelings of anger and abandonment that breed the best bullies.

Sadly, if you live in a loving home with good role models, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. However, you can improve your chances of being an effective bully by finding other ways to learn poor anger management skills. These ways include:

Be Intimidating

Bullies can’t do their jobs correctly if they don’t have the ability to intimidate their targets. Good ways of instilling fear in puny twerps include:

  • Being big for your age
  • Wearing sleeveless shirts that show off your “guns”
  • Punching walls and other things for no reason
  • Following through with threats of violence

Have a Passion for Beating Nerds

Being a bully isn’t easy. Rather, it is a tireless and thankless job that results in lost friendships and loneliness. As such, the best bullies do it because they are truly passionate about torturing dorks and dweebs. If your heart just isn’t the beatings, then chances are you won’t last as a bully for long.

To keep yourself motivated and interested in your work, be sure to find new and creative ways to pick on your fellow schoolmates. Consider networking with other bullies to learn innovative new ways to exert your dominance. Investing in props such as water balloons, slingshots and fart machines can also do much to keep you interested in your hobby.


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237 responses to How to be a Bully

    1. At my school being a bully Is just normal for me, all the people in my social group do it. Plus I like making fun of dweebs

    1. first be mean to kids that are littler then you. and trust me im a 5th grader bully i gave a kid a bloody nose and black eye.

    2. I don’t know if it will work on you but it did work on me buy bully scholarship and play it lots and it will teach you how to be a brave bully and it teaches you the meanest things on it that you don’t know. Don’t just pick on people that’s smaller than you but also pick on someone that’s defenseless and you will feel great after you did.

    3. I honestly feel sorry for jerks like you. Kids who bully are never going to experience real childhood, and that will damage them when they get older. Also, if you have a bunch of flags on your record, no collage will give you a sponsorship. It will stay on your record for jobs, and you will forevermore be considered a jerk with a bad attitude.

    4. Ok u want to be a bully WHY your not any better than ur target 98./. Of bully’s have bad life’s do u want that if that’s a yes don’t go crying to me when you have no life and no friends….………

  1. Fuck you. Bullies are diks. Bullying dos no good. I use to get bullied , but then i beat him up realy bad. he ended up with a broken arm and leg, also a craked skul. now i am at home and just got out of jale.

    1. Fuck off, fag. You are a weenie LOSER, FAG, DORK, BITCH. You are the dick. YOu beat up a good person. I would love to tear you up. King Nerd! I agree with king bully king#2. Bullies are awesome, you are a wimpy fag.

      1. “YOu beat up a good person.”

        False. A bully causes suffering. Anybody that causes suffering is a bad person. h indicated that he or she beat up a bully. Therefore, h did not beat up a bad person. h beat up a bad person.

      2. You did not consider what h argued. His argument was that bullying does no good. Since you have only verbally attacked h but have not attempted to counter his argument once, it is reasonable to postulate that you cannot counter his argument.

      1. False. Someone can be a bully and also be a good writer. If someone uses bad punctuation, it does not imply that they are a bully.

        1. But it is logical to say that a bully may be more likely to have bad writing skills as they spend more time bullying and less time developing their writing skills at school.

    1. bullies are fucking dicks cause last time a big girl who was trying to bully me (cause i was small)so i just walk away then a shove she gave me so i punch her in the mouth and i bet her up. (no lie)Everyboby in school saw it so she thought i was a bas ass

  2. You bullies are nothing but a bunch of cunts! I don’t give a fuck what your feeling inside in order to be doing what your doing to these innocent people! I’ve been bullied my whole life! I have become suicidal and self harmed because of pricks like you! I hope you feel satisfied by that! Burn in hell bullies

  3. Hey I’m a nerd! Come get me! At least I’ll have a job when I’m older! I’m mean seriously! I’m smart!

  4. hi, i get bulleid all the time in preschool so now am i bully its fun and less homework so be a bully first its hard because u get no freinds and then you get to join a gang its so fun so now am in a gang trust me am a 2nd grader beating up nerds are easy and u get a girlfrend

    1. You say you have been bullied. You know what it feels like. So why the hell do you bully? Are you just doing it to fit in with people? To stop them bullying you? Well, since you know, please… Stop it.

  5. Bullies. This is a message for you. Get lost. Go to goddamn hell. I’ve been bullied all of my school life. Its friggin hell. So get friggin lost.

  6. Ok. Maybe that was a bit harsh. But still, you bullies need to stop it. People have commited suicide as a result of your actions, and you need to stop.

    Please,goddammit, please…

    Stop it.

    1. yeah its people like you why do you want to be a bully? yeah i know it gets you a repitationbut who wants that no one so stop tray be something your not

  7. Not sure. I’ve not found one yet. Bullying is epic. Pranks are as well. They are effective as hell. Do a prank repeatedly on your target and eventually they will be in the toilet cubicle crying. But you may find a weakness that all nerds share by beating up all the nerds in your grade/year

  8. No.What makes you think bullying is cool? If you think it makes you cool, you’re wrong. It’ll just make you grow up as something not REALLY NICE. Well you see.. Everybody can lie here that they bullies and stuff. It isn’t really nice to brag about it and stuff and people would think you’re a fucked up loser. Actually bullies are being bullies because they have problems in life and that’s a real bully. And you’re fucked up and crazy if you think bullying is cool even though you don’t have problems in life. So don’t brag that much. It ain’t nice though. Okay this is my opinion. Fuck off :))

  9. you guys all suck at bein a bully, you have to fuck them up with rocks and their own books, make them eat their homework and say it was their dog. and then tell them to tell on you and be like “yeah, i fucked that kid up.”

    1. Nice, very nice. The day after I read your comment I did that to a kid who was a loser and annoying and now he has no friends and all my friends jeer at him and humiliate him and his old friends help me tease and bully the dork

  10. people stop bullying you never know if they do martial arts next thing to you know nerd:oops sry im to retarded to listen to you *kicks in nuts* bully:ohhh shit

  11. I love being a bully at sckool but I hated being a bully in the outside world. YOU KNOW WHAT FUCKIN PISSES ME OFF?!!! TEACHERS I HATE TEACHERS. When I was nice I get pushed around lots and when I was mean I got pushed around less. When teachers talk to me in a negetaive and I’m an asshole it feels good. When I play the game bully it makes me mostly not give a shit about school!

  12. bullies out there here me out I’m young and and proud to say i was bullied. If it wasn’t for those bullies i would have never got the best thing I’ve ever gotten in life my best friend thank you bullies my name is tj and whoever is trying to become a bully please make a kids day even though they cry but at later on in life they will eventually thank you
    Sincerely, Your number PUNCHING BAG TANK YOU

    1. “Instead of being a bully, be a jock. It’s much better and bullies learn how to use grammar.”

      I think you meant that. ^ (;

  13. Bullys are fucking queer and cant spell anything so u know what bullies go suck my bigg dick u small 4th grade faggots

  14. Stop bullying! I’ve been bullied all my school life by
    everyone in my classroom! Not one single person doesn’t
    treat me like crap! Why do you love making people feel bad? Why do you verbal bullies love treating people like goddamn freaks just cause their different or have less friends?
    You bullies are all douchbags!

  15. I used to be best friends with someone. He was like a brother to me. He bullied me without me knowing back then; he wasn’t my friend, he was just a cruel douchbag for ten years. He hated me,even then. I really don’t know why the hell. He knows how easily upset I am. So he bullys me. It is not possible to stop it. He’s a verbal bully, acting like he’s not doing anything when the teacher comes over.

    He treats me like a pile of crap. Which I’m not.

    How can I stop it.

    (I forgot. One person doesn’t treat me like crap; my TRUE best friend.)

    1. My gut and me are both bullies, and it is great! You always get respect, you are feared, and you get extra allowance, plus a comedy show! It is sooooooooooooo sexy to watch my guy beat up a nerd. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. Bullies make great boyfriends. Sorry bitchy losers!

  16. yo thanks 4 da helpful tip! im tired of all da nerds in my school being pussies all da time!!!! now i think im be able to show da nerds dat they need to man up!!!!
    (or atleast boy up)


  17. Here’s a few tips on ways to bully.(The second is
    mainly done by boys, but is done by girl bullies
    as well. Way to go,girls!)

    1: If you are gonna verbally bully, make fun
    of people for their bad things and dorky personality.Taunt
    your victims. Gang up on them with friends

    2: If you physically bully, beat them up where
    you know they’ll be badly hurt. Form a gang
    dedicated to beating nerds,dorks and dweebs up.
    Remember, they are the losers and they suck, so
    make sure you make them suffer.

    3: Emotional Bullying (girls mainly)

    Spread rumours around. Make your target think
    you are their friend,but secretly talk about them behind
    their back,and isolate them.

  18. listen i have benn bullied all my life and u no what i am pissed u bullies think ur better than everyone well ur not ur all fucking mentaly ill and should be in an insane asylum plus if u ever have kids if u truly love them u will make sure they get a better life than u. p.s for everyone getting bullied bite the nail of ur moddle finger and look at the bullie to secretly flip them off plus try to irritate them mess with thier mind spread rumors or BULLY THE BULLY its what i do and it works.

  19. I googled ‘How to be a bully’ and guess what? I just come across a article on instructing you how to become a bully!

    Reading this made me think what kind of person the author is!!

    Bullies are evil.
    A bully is a abuser.
    Bullying is abuse.
    Abuse is bad treatment.
    People who treat others badly need help!

    If you’ve been bullied why would you want to make others suffer? Use the brain you have and think how you felt from being bullied.
    You felt hurt, sad, angry, lonely from being bullied. So how would the other person feel from you bullying them.

    Hurting people and making people lives hell doesn’t help solve problems but it makes problems worser.

    If you’re seriously considering to becoming a bully, get psychological help.
    Inflicting physichal and emotional pain on to others is a cry for help.
    Instead of becoming a bully, learn how to toughen yourself.

    Stand up to bullies. Help yourself and others from becoming the victims of bullies.

    Now I’m 22 but I wanna share a story with you.

    When I was in year 8, this bully from my year group used to beat up this short skinny kid from a year below us. He used to call the kid horrible names and everyone used to laugh with the bully. But you know what happened one day, the bully approached the kid at lunch time outside and the bully said sarcastically ‘you’ve gone tall’ and the bullies friends were smirking, and for the first time the kid said something back. He said ‘I’ve become a you’ and the bully slapped the kid, and started beating him and I was there watching with everyone but no one was doing anything while the kid was crying, bleeding from his nose. Watching the kid getting knocked out brought back painful childhood memories of my own. A minute went by, I looked at my friends and said we gotta stop this guy. They were telling me not to get involved but I snapped and went into a rage. I swinged the bully off the kid and kept punching the bully till I was dragged off by my friends and I told the bully If he ever touched the kid again I’d kill him.

    And you know what, the kid never got picked on again and the bully never had the guts to look me in the eyes cause he was afraid of being humiliated again.

    Bullies are weak, and you don’t want to be a weak person. You want to be a strong and tough person. So be good, kind and respectful to others but most of all respect yourself. Set boundaries on what you will tolerate and what kind of behaviours you will not accept. How you want to be spoken to. Take action when you need to. Stand up for you rights!

  20. listen i found the dates of suicide because of bullying so dont bully heres all the suicides caused by bullys
    5/12/1988 x three people
    8/25/1988 x ten people 10/10/1988 x twelve people
    12/15/1998 x thirty people
    12/25/1998 x five 6 yr olds
    10/27/2005 x ten 8 yr olds,7 yr olds
    well i think ive proven my point so if u like killing people then go on and u wana no what i dont give a fukin shit what u waste ur life doin u wana no what else YOLO [ you only live once ] so dpnt waste ur life being bullies

    1. You are a bitchy faggot dweeb, and I hope there is a bully in your school to let you know what a loser you are! Drink shit water. You losers are all the same. Worthless pieces of junk and crap. Go to hell. Bullies are not assholes, we are doing our jobs, while you think that everyone is equal. Well, there not you shitty crapload. I would love to get my hands on you and give you such a beat-up the janitor will scrape you off the wall with a spatula. Fuck you worthless loser. You are faggot. I’d like to tear u up.

  21. I’m a bully. It’s great! Want me to tell you a story about this dumb nerd? Alright!

    So a new kid came to my school. I’m thinking to myself, this might be a cool guy. Boy was I wrong. So he walked in the door before the bell rang, and he was there, smiling, had nerdy red glasses on and to top it off, he wore overalls. He said he was from Texas. That’s when I decided to make my move. I stood up in front of his desk just as he sat down. “Hey there, cowgirl!” I said. The class bursted out with laughter. He turned red. I didn’t make one single breathe to make my next move. “Was your daddy a farmer? Cuz your turning as red as a tomato!” I said, breathing hot air into his face. I thought I saw a year come down his eye, but that’s when I decided it was time to say something to make him cry. I thought for a moment and then opened my mouth, talking with a western accent. “By golly! This here boy must’ve made a leak I darn reckon! He’s peeing enough to fill the darn Rio Grande!” That did it. He ran to the bathroom and I took after him. I caught him in the bathroom, grabbed him by the shirt collar, and dragged him into the stall. I locked the door and dunked his puny head into the bowl, hooting with laughter. Then, without a moment of thinking, I flushed the toilet. Little did I know that the last person in the stall went pee. Then I ripped his head up. “How did that FEEL?” I said, in an aggravating voice. “Well that felt like YOU got OWNED!” I said. Then I slammed that twerp against the stall door. I turned him around. I grabbed him underpants, and yanked as hard as I could. Then I released and hurried back to class. It turns out I sit behind him in class. So I took my pen cap and slowly breathed hot air on his neck. Recess was the best recess ever. There is this ladder at my school that everyone loves to climb on. So then I grabbed the dweeb and started hauling him up the ladder. I took the hood of his coat and hung it on the ledge. Then my girlfriend gave me some bubbles. I opened the bottle and with no mercy I splashed it on his overalls. We went home. I had a great plan for tomorrow. I texted my friend. The next day I asked my friend, “did you bring the stuff?” “Yup.” He replied. Then he walked in to home room. My friend said to the nerd,”nice shoes, can I see ‘em?” The nerd nodded and handed them to him. “One sec.” My friend said and he hurried out the room. The. He gave me the shoes. I squirted mustard in them. Then he brought them back to the boy. The nerd smiled, as if he had a friend. He put them on. On our way to first hour, I tripped him, making his shoe fall off. Everyone saw the nasty surprise. From then on, he never came back to school.

    Alright now, my fellow bullies, should I have done more bullying? Did you like my techniques? Should I change my techniques for the next nerd who comes over? And for all of you Anti-bullies, mind your own beeswax!

      1. Fuck you, bitchy, loser, dweeby, freak. You are the psycho, my fists are clenching right now. You are a worthless piece of shit! Go to goddamn hell. I’d love to wring your neck. Queer Mother Fucker!

      1. You, bitchy dork, need to shut the goddamn fuck up. I would like to get my hands on you and make you see what a little bitch you are! Beating up useless rats like you is good for the earth, and a great pastime. It makes you feel so good, and you get all the respect you deserve. I would love to shove your face in shit and then make you so black and blue you need skin grafts. So go mind your own goddamn fucking business!

    1. I think you are great! I love the way you made him cry with just words! I think you might need to be a bit more physical, you always get the best out of being the Master by beating up some nerds and turning them into squishy fruit! Overall, I think you are a great bully, and i would love to help you torture this bitch and make him miserable. All you anti-bullies are fucking homos.

    2. I like you. You are great. I love how you are so passionate about torturing these pieces of shit. I would really like to meet you and help beat up that dweeb. I loved the mustard part! Keep bullying! Make sure all these junk piles are gone! And you filthy anti-bullies need to get a life!

    3. Can I ask you something?? Bullying is WRONG! Just…..WRONG!!! I was a victim of a bully named Megan (BTW IM A GIRL)!! One time I went to my locker and in big words it wrote : U SUCK! STOP THE FUCKING BULLYING!!!!!!!!!

  22. I’m a bully and it feels like so great to beat losers up and wreck their lives. I’ll tell you this awesome story.

    So, I was just like hanging out in the toilets and smoking with my girlfriend, who is a right slut. She’s also a bully. In comes this little boy, new kid, wimpy with big nerd glasses. Without thinking, I go into one of the stalls and do a shit in the loo. Then I come out, not flushing the toilet and not wiping. The boy’s standing there. I grab him by the collar and slam him into the door, then shove him in. My girlfriend’s laughing her pretty little head off. I shove his head down the toilet and make him drink the water. He comes up coated in crap. My girlfriend and I laugh. Then I turn around, and tell him to clean my ass. He reaches for the toilet paper, but I slap his hand away and tell him to lick it off. He doesn’t want to, so I punch him hard in the stomach and kick him in the dick. Then he licks it. When he’s done, I beat him up so he’s lying on the floor moaning, and I leave with my girlfriend.

    Now we bully the nerd every day, and he always cleans my ass. Then, I was feeling moody, so I went even further. I shoved him into a locked room and made him suck my dick. Mine’s pretty long, and he gagged. I shoved it down his throat and then kicked him for good measure and left him sobbing. Bullies rule!

    1. Yo, dude, I love your style. All you anti-bullies need to shut the fuck up. It feels so great to wreck little dweebs lives. I really love punching and giving burns! But I also have a story kinda like yours, there is this fucking weird nerd at my school.
      So, me and my girlfriend were in the bathroom, and the nerd came in. My girlfriend grabbed him punched him in the stomach and threw him to me. I beat him up and slapped him against the wall. I punched him in the eye and he came up black. I dragged him into the stall and did a shit. I stood up and grabbed him by the neck and pushed him in. i said to eat the shit and drink the water. it was almost lunch and i said to him “this is your lucky day, you get a free lunch. i took his money for myself. When he was done, i punched him and said “clean me up”. He didn’t want to, so i gave him to my girlfriend, she socked him and beat him up so bad, he licked both of our asses clean. then we gave him some more massages and threw him on the floor and left. It was the best. We were laughing so hard. My friends and i always gang up on that useless dork. Now, every time i go to the bathroom at school, i take him with me. He cleans my ass and i haven’t used toilet paper for weeks!

      Bully boy, i really liked how you make him suck your cock! im gonna try that, and then beat him up and leave him locked in the room.

    2. You are great! I would love to meet you! Way to go! I love beating losers and making their lives as bad as can be! I think you are the best! You made me go hard, I was wishing I was there. What a show!

  23. Beating them up is not the best way to bully. Taunting and emotional is better. Taunting is in words,but punching leaves marks and they could be used as evidence and you could get expelled from the crappy school you go to. But verbal is not leaving marks,so nobody can prove your victim is getting bullied.

  24. Hey,bullies. You are kinda good people. Sure,you
    beat dorks,nerds and puny twerps up,but they always think
    “I’ll show that guy (/girl)”

    Then,when they are huge, they will make you feel bad.


    Verbally bully. Don’t beat them up because it leaves
    marks,which you don’t want.

  25. I need help! I am 12 and I want to be a bully…I need to know all the skills needed…Will it make me more popular around? And does getting a muscular body help?


    1. Getting a fucking huge body with great guns is really a help. You should always be intimidating, and follow through with threats of violence, even making them worse than you said they would be. Always look for puny, worthless nerds who won’t fight back and who you can shove around and make them do what you want. Having a big cock is good, too, so you can shove it down their worthless throats. It makes them miserable and it feels like heaven. Always bring a useless dork to the bathroom with you and make them clean up your ass. It saves toilet paper and is torture to the scum. You can’t be a bully if you aren’t big, muscly, and intimidating. It helps to be a little sexy also, so you can get the girls. It will make you very popular with other bullies and it will make you feel great, plus you will be doing something good for the world. Another good tactic is to take a shit and make them eat it. You always have to verbally bully them, too, while you are beating the crap out of them. Remember to always leave them black and blue and either crying, moaning, sobbing, trying to get their breath, or having made a leak in their pants. Remember, they are twerps and they are worthless and they deserve to be your slave and to be miserable. Always take any money they have on them, and any other valuables. Always gang up on the brats with friends and make them suffer as much as possible. You should give them a wedgie very often and leave them hanging by their boxers from the school fence or tied to the flagpole. If you don’t like shove in their faces in shit, take a pee , shove their faces in, and flush the toilet. It hurts like hell, and they usually cry or smell really bad. It’s good to take up smoking and them shove lit cigarettes down their clothes and in their faces. ALWAYS GANG UP ON THEM AND MAKE THEM FEEL JUST HOW WORTHLESS AND DUMB THEY ARE. I’m so glad you want to take you this noble art and I hope that it goes really well for you. Bullying is an act of goodness, you are cleaning the earth of worthless, dopey, useless, shitty, crappy twerps and dopes. Keep bullying! Consider networking with other bullies to keep you interested in your hobby. And it is a good one. I’m feel so proud to be helping the next generation of bullies! Keep on it! Torture those dweebs! Yeah! SHow them what they really are!

        1. If your not going to support us bullies then leave. This is a place for us to discuss how we fuck maggots at school. Now fuck off or be a bully

          1. Yo, Thanks, great job. Keep it up. I would like you to keep me updated on what’s going on. I just beat up a jerky idiot this morning and made him suck my dick. He’s still locked in the closet, knocked out. I love to beat people up. I made him eat my shit and then I walked and stomped all over him and then I duct taped him to the wall a beat him up. so bad. He tried to bite my cock, so I almost killed him and shove him head in between the locker door and slammed really hard and then made him suck my dick and balls some more. I came in his mouth and he threw up, so I made him eat that too. Then I beat him up some more. Bullying is so much fun.

          2. Hey, I got a GF and we are both in serious love! I have giant guns now and the bullies at school do work out sessions together. My stress relief is amazing and I have 2 servants LOL. My gang started teaching me new ways to intimidate and I’ve started using words like cvnt, shit, fuck, and many more. I’m so popular with the girls now
            Just wanna thank you so much! Puny twerps should rot in my fucking shit! Haha life is so good!

  26. I’m 11. I go to a school where there are no places for a crapbag to receive a good hanging wedgie. I want to give people Swirles.I want to beat them up.I want to give them hanging,messy wedgies (hanging wedgies that messy things have been shoved down underwear).

    In short,I want to be an 11 year old bully.
    Please help.

    P.S. No anti-bullies reply. Or when I am a bully I’ll beat them to crap.

    1. Follow the instructions above and you’re good to go. Keep u the good work. I am so glad you want to help torture worthless, bitchy, fucking crapbags.

      1. Thanks for your answer. I also need to know something. Does being able to perform armpit farts and hand farts help in any way? Also,what is the best way to trip someone up without getting in trouble?

        1. armpit farts are more of a joke. they’re not really bullying. I guess you could do it to intimidate your victim by doing it in a violent way while beating the shit out of them.
          To not get caught, you really have to intimidate the worthless pieces of dirt and filth. You have to make them be so scared of you they won’t tell. Make sure they know that you’re here to kill them. Make them your slave. I mean it. It really shows them just how anguished, useless, worthless and shitty pieces of crap they are. They are dorks and they deserve to die. They are your slave. Really make them terrified. YOU WILL KILL THEM IF THEY TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING TO THEM!

          1. Hey Ace I’m ‘need help’ from above. Just wanted to let you know that your ideas are a success and I’ve got this guy who is my slave and he gives me all his money everyday! I even had enough to buy sky rim lol!
            Thanks I can’t believe what I was missing!

          2. Sorry to be annoying. Forgot to tell you that my servant follows me around and if I ask for a pie he buys it and comes back to me haha! I’ve started working out and I can already see improvements. Thanks so much for bringing me into this art and I hope you feel great to pass on our talent. This servant also gives me his homework so I don’t even do that! School is so cruisey being a bully!

  27. I love to bully nerds and it’s not that easy as a girl, especially trying to bully guys but I’m a black belt in karate and beat their asses. Usually make them kiss my feet or shoes in front of people at school. My favourite is shoving their loser head in the toilets and flushing. Bonus points if it’s used. Here’s a vid of me, just after i beat up a guy, flushing his head

    1. hello, I love suffer bullying, I love to have a life of hell for the fun of girls who oppress me with psychological violence and humiliate me with the other bullies, I believe that bullies are great people and they have every right to humiliate those who are inferior to them, I have always been humbled by the girls, initially i blamed them , but then I realized that the girls bullies are superior to nature, and I like losing my place and I have to suffer, it’s painful, but just right, thank you for existing :)

  28. Every anti-bully bitch there is out there is a fucking piece of shit. I wish I could bloody beat them up so hard they wouldn’t be able to stand up for a month. Bullying rocks!

  29. Hey, here’s a funny story of this time I was bullying this nerd.

    This nerd was coming down the corridor with a bunch of dorky friends, including one definite dweeb girl called Jane. The hottest cheerleader in school, Mari, was watching from across the hall, so I smirked and decided to wreck this nerd’s day. I went up to the nerd and grinned.
    “Hey, doofus,” I said with a sneer in my voice. “Come with me.” I grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him into the toilet, then beat him up so he was lying there moaning. He had wet his pants but I wasn’t done with him yet. So I did a shit in the loo, then shoved his head down the toilet and made him eat the shit and drink the water. “Enjoy your lunch,” I sneered meanly, laughing as he sobbed. Then I took his lunch money and punched him several more times before leaving. Mari was really impressed and the next day, we bullied him together, using the same strategy.

    Now we wreck his life every day and all his old friends help me to bully him, and one of them told and I beat him so hard he was off school for two weeks. Mari helped me and fuck it he was so bloody defenseless. It felt so good to make their lives a misery while we got pleasure, and it was just amazing.

    Then another time, we got hold of this 13 year old kid and we stole her lunch money, homework, and yanked her into a cubicle. We followed bully boy’s advice and made her clean our asses, then I made her suck my cock. Jesus Christ it felt amazing and she was so miserable afterwards. She just sobbed in the cubicle.

    So, fellow bullies, here is the lesson. Bully those younger than you and defenseless, and you will feel SOOOO good afterwards.

    1. In my school,people just look at me,and line up for a beat down,a swirly,or a wedgie that is given while the dork I’m bullying is wearing nothing but underwear. The only people who don’t cry when they see me are my gang. My gang get the nerds naked,while my girlfriend spanks them with a very tough leather belt,and then they get a chinese burn and a wedgie. Oh,life as a bully is so great.

  30. I’m such a bully that I bully bullies. I don’t bully them because they bully wimps, I enjoy them doing that, but I bully the other bullies for the elite bully challenge. Proves I’m the best bully around, no one will fck with you after you’re the biggest bully

  31. Fucking up worthless dorks is the best. It is so funny to see them crying and being so embarrassed. I made a kid walk around the school naked while I punched him black and blue. Then me and my gang made him suck all our cocks. It’s so great to be a bully!

  32. Yo bullies, I have an idea! Why don’t we do a bully roleplay, not based on the game. I can’t find any good ones online, so let’s do one here! We can be, like, bullies, and the anti-bully losers can be nerds. Good idea?

          1. Do you wanna start? Quick character bio for me:

            Name: Lily
            Rank: Bully
            Appearance: Very pretty, golden hair, pale skin, blue eyes, perfect figure
            Personality: BULLY! :D

          2. Name: Robert
            Rank: Bully
            Appearance: Ripped, strong as an ox, sexy, blue eyes, golden-brown hair, seven and an half inch cock, six-feet tall.
            Personality: Cleansing the earth. Having sex. Beating up worthless dorks.

          3. Lily leant against the lockers in the hallway, her arms crossed. The cute teenage girl was wearing a pink spaghetti strap top, denim miniskirt, and wedge heels. She smirked as dozens of nerds walked past, only shooting out the occasional mean comment that made them bow their heads and scurry past. Laughing, she texted her friend Robert.
            ‘U comin 2 school? I hv big news. ;D’ She grinned, tossed a strand of her golden brown hair out of her eyes, and waited.

          4. Robert was on the school bus. He heard a ring from his phone and quickly read Lily’s text. “Yeah. On the bus. Love ya. Can’t wait to hear the news.” He sat back in the seat, next to the last empty spot. A little nerd sat down and he Robert got to work. He couldn’t wait to get to school today, and he was already having fun.

          5. Lily grinned and then leant back again, checking the time on her phone. 5 minutes. Looking up, she raised her eyebrows as one black-clad Goth new kid came walking down the corridor.
            “Oh. My. Days!” she laughed. “It’s not Hallowe’en yet, you FREAK! Who died in your pathetic family?” The goth looked up.
            “Are you talking to me?” she said, obviously assuming she could take Lily in a fight. “Cos if you are, I advise you to shut up. Now.” Lily laughed.

          6. The dork cowered down in the seat beside Robert. He hadn’t even touched him yet, though he was planning to, and the nerd was scared. Robert laughed. He loved being bigger than , better than , and in control of worthless dweebs. The bus was beginning to pull up in front of the school, and Robert decided to wait. He’s get the kid, but later. He stepped of the bus, instantly clearing a path in front of him. He walked towards Lily, her beautiful golden brown hair waving in the distance, occasionally punching or shoving a nerd out of the way. He reached her. “Hey.”

          7. “I,” Lily said, eyebrows raised. “Advise you, Goth girl, to get lost while you still can.” She gestured to Robert. “Look who just arrived.” The Goth’s eyes widened and she took a step back. She stumbled in her shoes and fell over, landing on her back. Propping herself onto her elbows, she glared at Lily.
            “Well if he wants to fight me, he must want to fight you to-” She was cut off as Lily sauntered over to Robert and lightly kissed his cheek.

          8. Robert kissed Lily and smiled menacingly down on the Goth. “Want to fight, freak?” The Goth didn’t answer, but stayed put. He laughed, and looked around to see a tiny dork standing there watching. Robert said roughly, “Get lost or it’s you too.” The kid ducked and scuttled away. Robert turned to Lily, put his arm around her lovingly, and said, “What should I do with her, babe?”

          9. Lily sneered at the Goth.
            “Teach the bitch a lesson.” She pounced on her and held the girl’s arms behind her back so she couldn’t move. The girl struggled but couldn’t get loose. Lily laughed and shoved her forward. “Come on, freak girl. Time to learn some manners, don’t you think?”

          10. Robert glanced at Lily, she was beautiful. He turned his attention to the freaky bitch struggling. This was going to be fun. He laughed and swung at the Goth. His fist collided with her cheek with tremendous force and she fell backward. “Let go of her”, he said gently to Lily, “She can fight”. With the Goth laying on the ground, Robert began to kick her and punch her. He grabbed her collar and dragged her off to the bathroom, kicking and punching her forward. He stuffed her face into a toilet and flushed. Robert was laughing very hard. This was the best fun he’d had in days. Leaving the bitch moaning on the floor, he left the bathroom and walked towards Lily’s beautiful figure in the distance. He began to caress her hair and face gently. “What’s next?” he asked, “So what did you have to tell me?”

          11. Lily giggled with glee like a kid being told they could have some candy. She did a little hop-skip thing and then smirked.
            “New kid arrived,” she said in a giggly voice. “Look!” She turned Robert’s head so he was staring at a boy with shaggy blonde hair, red rimmed glasses, and BRACES. He looked like the type of kid who’s mom would take to the dentist every 6 months and do their homework for them. Lily waved, and the boy smiled, even though his smile faded when he saw Robert and took in his muscular frame. “So?” Lily said. “What do you think? I think he needs the welcoming committee.”

          12. Robert looked at the kid for a long time, taking in everything about him. He had one other kid next to him, who also looked like a worthless dork. “Hmm…” said Robert. He turned back to Lily, grinning with glee. “I think you’re right”, he said, “You want to go give him a warm welcome? He deserves it.” Robert began to walk over to the dweeb, waiting just a moment for Lily to catch up. Arm in arm, they continued walking, thinking of all the fun that was about to begin.

          13. Lily grinned at the boy, one hand on her hip and her head tipped, golden hair swishing over her shoulders.
            “Hi!” she said perkily. “My name’s Lily. That’s Robert. We’re the welcoming committee for this place.” The other nerd, knowing the bullies, started to walk away.

          14. Robert smiled and yanked the nerd back by his shirt. The new kids eyes widened with shock and fear, contrasting to to look of cheerful happiness at just having made some new friends. Robert handed the struggling nerd to Lily, and turned his attention to the new kid. His muscles rippled and his sharp jawline made the smile of menacing glee even more pronounced. He told Lily to take care of the kid held at bay by her. He walked up to the new kid and said, “Hi, I’m Robert. Pleasure to meet you.” He stuck out his hand to shake, and the other gingerly took it. At once, Robert wrenched the kid’s hand up andover behind his puny back, making him cry out. Holding the arm with one strong hand, he wrapped the other around the kids neck, holding him completely locked down. Robert swung his leg up to land right in between the kid’s legs. The kid screamed and Robert laughed gleefully. “Now”, he said, his tone full of malice and cruelty, “Wasn’t this fun?” The kid nodded, obviously hoping to bet set free. But Robert wasn’t done. He told Lily, “We’re going to make this dope join in on the fun. Come on, what’s to be afraid of? Now, beat up your little friend, twit, so we can give him a fuller welcome. And if you don’t, Lily knows what to do, right? Show him what could happen if he doesn’t come and play, sweetheart.”

  33. Why do they put this up if bullying is not supposed to be around?
    Like seriously, who even put this fucking thing up here? Bullies are bitches.

      1. Dude, its not worth it, take it from me, I was a girl bully in highschool, I drank every night, was with guys every day, and kept condums in her purse. Im 20 now and no guy ever wants to date me cause they think ill kill them, so just, stop

  34. Lily laughed and yanked the runaway nerd back, slamming him into the wall. She pulled up his pants and smirked as he yelped, then threw him to the floor and kicked his ribs. Yanking him up, she grinned and brushed some golden hair out of her eyes.
    “Viola!” she said. “So play nice, okay?”

    1. The twerp was terrified. Robert found so much pleasure in torturing these bitches. Robert took both the nerds and bashed their faces into the locker. Letting them slide down onto the ground, he then grabbed their necks and yanked them up again, smashing their faces into the lockers again. This time, after letting them fall whimpering to the floor, he did not pick them up, but kicked them forward and into a closet, he slammed the door onto their legs, making them slide back deep into the brooms. He shut the door. By this time, a crowd had gathered to watch. Robert turned around and came up to Lily, wrapping both his arms around her body, he kissed her, after a while, he let go and turned the crowd. “Who’s next?”, he asked, “Or do I have to come get you?” He laughed.

      1. The crowd dispensed almost immediately, scurrying away before anything could happen to them. Lily laughed and put one hand on her hip, glancing towards the closet.
        “Looks like they won’t be passing Mr Byron’s math test!” she said, a note of pleasure in her voice. “What a pity.” She grinned at Robert. “I think that little freak now knows who’s boss around here by now, don’t you?”

  35. “I think so, but we should still make sure he doesn’t forget it. Every once in a while.” He looked around. “Maybe we should go check on the freaky Goth bitch. Make sure she hasn’t gotten too comfortable.” He chuckled and put his arm around Lily and they guided themselves towards the bathroom. Robert grabbed a twerp along the way and dragged him along by an arm, twisting it a s far as it would go, the twerp squealing in pain (which was very funny), to join Goth in hell. He reached the restroom and flung the boy around into door, slamming it open. He and Lily stepped inside. Robert grinned with pleasure, bitchy was beginning to stand up. Not if Robert could help it. First, though, he took the nerd boy into a stall and shitted in the toilet. Robert shoved the kid’s face in it and told him to eat it. After doing so, the dork tried to stand up, but Robert only laughed. This day was just getting better. He could still hear the pained squealing of the twerp. Robert roared with laughter and, using only some of is muscle power, hurled the dork over the stall wall, where he smashed to floor, on top of the Goth bitch.

    1. Lily laughed cruelly, her eyes glittering maliciously and her hands on her slim hips. Stepping forward, she hauled the two up and grabbed the Goth’s hand. With a sickening crunching noise, Lily stepped back and crossed her arms. The Goth howled in pain and clutched her fingers; Lily had broken two of them. The nerd cowered away, hands behind his back, but Lily just punched his nose, watching with merciless satisfaction as the blood dripped down. She grinned at Robert.
      “Oh, oops!” she said sarcastically, giggling gleefully.

  36. Robert grinned back. “I think these two have had enough, they won’t be bothering us anymore. I wonder”, he said sarcastically, “Should we call the hospital? I’m sure they would be glad to help our little friends back to health.” Robert stepped out of the stall. He laughed at the sight of them, so pitiful and tiny and weak. The nerd was especially funny. His nose dripped blood, staining his terrified face, occasionally splatting onto the floor. “I think you got your hand slammed in a desk top”, he said to the Goth, grabbing her neck and gently squeezing just to scare her. She nodded hurriedly. “And you’, he said, turning to the nerd. He didn’t grab the nerd. Robert was over twice his height, and could snap his puny body in half in a heartbeat. “You fell down on the side walk while crossing the street, didn’t you?” He bent down to the dork’s face and grinned maliciously. The nerd squeaked, “Yes, sir.” Robert smiled, falsely nice, and laughed. He took one last look of pleasure at there broken figures and turned to Lily. “That was great”, he said, and, putting is arm around her, gently guided her out of the bathroom.

  37. Shame, shame, shame! The good Lord recognizes no failures in his creations, but you sure come close! The sanctity of human life and happiness is sacred, and you are all evildoers getting in the way of God’s work! The Almighty has the power to set you free, and I hope he cleanses your soul from the grasp of Satan! High the Lord and Praise His holy name! Repent sinners in the name of God!

    1. (Gonna ignore you and your pathetic beliefs, you loser.)

      Lily grinned at Robert and tossed a strand of golden hair, her aqua blue eyes glittering cruelly. She pulled him down slightly and kissed him, putting her arms round his neck.

      1. Robert fell into the kiss and gently scooped Lily up, his muscles easily bearing her weight. After a while, they broke apart and Robert smiled gently. Th bell rang and Robert almost looked forward to the day ahead. He gathered his things and sauntered of to class, slamming a locker door onto a nerd’s head and then kicking him along the way.

        1. Lily laughed and rolled her eyes affectionately at Robert, like she would at a naughty puppy. Approaching the nerd, she bent down, and said in a fake-sweet voice.
          “If you don’t wanna get pounded, don’t get in his way!” She gave the kid a Chinese Burn for good measure and stood up, walking to her locker. Taking her books out, she strolled on to her next class.

          1. Robert had a very vague idea of what the teacher was saying. He couldn’t care less. But, he was interested in the kid in front of him. Robert smoothly blew hot air down his neck, and dripped ink from his pen capsule down his neck. The kid twitched, but seemed to have no idea what was happening. He shivered and shook. This was too entertaining. The rest of his mind was on Lily, how her beautiful golden hair swished around her, how her voice was sweet and melting like warm honey, how her lips and skin was as soft as a newborn baby’s. “What was she doing at this moment?” he wondered.

          2. Lily wasn’t listening to a word the teacher was saying. She looked around for someone to torture, and smirked. Taking a small paper cup, she poured green ink from her pen into it and dipped one of the ginger braids of the girl in front of her in it. They came up a lurid, venomous green. Lily snickered and leant back; too bad Robert wasn’t in this class. She thought about him; the way he grinned, the way he flicked his hair out of his eyes. The way he could just LOOK at a nerd and they’d turn to jelly.

  38. The bell rang, and Robert nonchalantly stood up. As the teacher and the rest of the class filed out, he stood back and waited for the kid he’d been playing with to gather his stuff. The nerd turned around and walked smack into Robert. Robert looked down on the kid with venom in his eyes. The dork whimpered and dropped all his things. “Hi, dweeb.” Robert grinned. This wouldn’t take long, Lily was waiting. He grabbed the dork’s neck and dragged him across the room. Holding him at arm’s length, Robert swung and his fist hit the nerd’s face with a pounding sound of happiness. He dropped the kid and, with him lying on the floor, pounded his puny body. It felt amazing. He grabbed the nerd and slammed hi into a wall. Robert watched with satisfaction his eye’s were both black and the dork’s nose poured blood. He left him laying there and left the room. He found Lily and casually flicked his hair out of his eyes, in the way he knew she found incredibly attractive. “So, how as class”, he said as he bent over to kiss her.

    1. Lily grinned as Robert came out and kissed him.
      “Oh you know,” she said, pushing some golden hair over her shoulders. “Could complain, can’t be bothered.” She pointed to a girl with green braids and a sign saying “I’m A Slut, Fuck Me” written on it. The girl was already being followed by three jocks, and she didn’t even know it. “I hope she likes dick,” Lily quipped. “How was class down your end of this hellhole?”

      1. “Like I care. Ms. Barnte doesn’t care about me enough to do anything anymore, so I just sat in back and had fun with some dweeb all class.” Robert just noticed what a cute outfit she was wearing. Her denim skirt barely covered her pretty little ass, and her tight top showed off her very shapely body and large breasts. “You look beautiful.” He scooped her up, and she wrapped her legs around his powerful chest.

        1. “You’re not so bad yourself, sexy,” Lily said, looking at him. Her boobs pressed against his muscled chest and she lightly massaged his cock through his pants, smirking in amusement. “Tell me,” she said. “You wanna bunk off next class to have some ‘fun’ with someone?” She massaged his dick again, eyes glimmering.

          1. “Of course I do.” Robert felt his clock stiffen as Lily gently massaged it. He grasped her ass tighter and pressed her breasts into his chest. He could feel his cock rising and hardening as he lowered Lily to the ground. “Where should we go, babe, the locker room, the lounge, I can’t wait.” He moved closer and pressed his cock into her, wrapping his arms around her. “You choose.”

  39. If you’re a bully, listen
    1. You get more freedom if you’re still a student eg. No homework
    2. You’ll get less friends
    3. You’ll get punished
    But in conclusion, bullying is fun, you could begin bullying girls, they friend was beaten up by a girl when he was tryin’a be a “good bully” watch out, sometimes girls/ boys are ferocious, especially the ones who got “bodyguards” aka. Their lovers

  40. Hey I’m in 6th and wanna be a bully to this bitch a grade below me should I make him suck my dick or is that gay if u antibully fuck you go to hell asshos

    1. Why you filthy little sinner! The Devil has gotten his hands on you, and is keeping your soul! The LORD has the power to set you free! Praise Jesus in the name of love, happiness, and sanctity!

  41. I’m working on being a bully, I’m in Ninth Grade and these are stuff I find that work.

    Wearing leather clothing, Jackets, Trousers, anything!!
    Flirting with girls
    Get a nice motorcycle, with more leather protection.
    Smoking Tobacco underage.

    I bought a leather jacket and a bully gang at my school offered me a cigarette and I smoked it and now I’m leader of that gang since, girls wanna be with me all night long and fuck me. I’ve recently and secretly bought a motorcycle (Yamaha R15,) under age and illegaly drive it and I take girls for a spin on it almost every night and go and bully some nerds and get drunk and have under age sex! I told all of this to my friends so now I’m the hardest guy in school and my passion is bullying, and I’ll keep on doing for the rest of my life!!


    1. It’s always good to bring some doofus/nerd with you when you’re having sex, so that you can beat him up in the middle. It always makes you feel sexier and helps release some excess sexual energy.

          1. Me too, Love bleeding nerds to death and just being the king, girls embrace me that way, and that’s how I get laid like every night, it’s my life bullying and having sex. Plus where do you live Ace Bully?

      1. I love to just watch them struggle. I like to flush their faces, but mostly I make them eat my shit and drink my piss. Then I kick their dicks, watch them howl in pain, flush their heads, then make them suck my dick, slam their heads in lockers, punch them
        black, kick their dicks agin, then leave them in a closet. It is so wonderful to be bigger, better, and in control of losers. Sex is also a big part.

  42. Lily thought for a moment then smirked.
    “Locker room, I think,” she said, grinning at him and massaging his swelling dick. “Should we bring some dweeby nerd freak along?” She laughed and lowered herself to the ground, tossing her gorgeous hair.

    1. “Yeah. I’ll get the one who sat next to me on the bus.” He wrapped Lily in his arms and started down the hall. He spotted the nerd ahead and casually knocked him to the ground, as if on accident. “Oh. Whoops.” He grabbed the nerd. “You’re coming with us, freak.” With a gentle hand on Lily, and a tough grasp on the nerd, he walked with purpose towards the gym. He could feel his cock throbbing.

  43. Lily grinned. When they reached the gym, she jumped down and pulled him into the locker rooming, locking the door.
    “You know,” she whispered sexily, still massaging his cock. “I think this dweeb is hungry. And I need to go to the bathroom, and you’ll need to cum, so I think he might have a great meal.” She went over to the nerd and pulled him up, grinning. “Would you like that, loser?”

  44. Hi guys, I’m a 6th grade bully and I mainly give wedgies. I’d like to learn more bullying tactics and I want suggestions for more types of wedgies that would make the nerds suffer even more. I love seeing nerds cry when I rip their tighty whities and give them wedgies in front of the whole class and everyone laughs at them. Please give more suggestions because I think they aren’t suffering enough, they deserve to feel more pain. Thanks

  45. Hail bullies.
    I’m a verbal bully 85% 15% physical.
    I love making dweebs cry. Lol this kid named Devin in my school is a great bully and I love his work. Too bad he left the school.
    Ok fellow bullies, here’s a tip, try to use herd mentality to get everyone to laugh at the victim.

  46. (Sorry, my stupid sister posted that last comment with Lily. Fucking bitch.)

    When they arrived at the gym, Lily softly pulled Robert into the locker room and smirked. She started to stroke his dick again, up close, so her large breasts pressed into his hard, muscled chest. She smirked at him, laughing at the nerd whimpering in the corner. Half the geeks and freaks in the school were virgin, and it was torture for them to watch a good fucking, and also taught them a good lesson. Besides, they always had a little ‘fun’ with the dork in the middle.

    1. Thats sexual assault, you can be arrested if she tells anyone and I mean ANYONE. Oh and you force her to suck it? Thats pathetic, you really suck, you must be ugly

  47. HELP! I am a 14 year old boy and I want to be a bully but I can’t fit in with the bullies at school! The reason is I have a single mum and no brothers therefore I can learn the things that teen boys do! Can someone please write a list of things to improve my status! When I mean things I mean real TEEN boy things: not washing your hands after the loo(is that one?), don’t look presentable, getting dirty in football with mud, don’t use deoderant, swear and other things real boys do!

    Please help it would be a lifesaver!

    1. wow… really i hope this was a joke? that you actually wrote this as a joke because first non of them things at all ‘real’ boys do.. i think its the complete opposite because in my school well we don’t really have bullys as such but the more popular clean, nice smelling boys intimidate, well try too because hunny you will get a slap in your face when you realise how stupid this sounds oh my… i hope this was a joke :’) cry

  48. Come on people, just stop it! Anyone who thinks that bullying is good obviously has never been bullied. If I controled the world I’d give all of you a taste of your own medicine. You think suicide is funny? Yeah, so halarious- people killing themselves because they were bullied, Lol. NOT! I’m 11 almost 12 and one of my friends attempted suicide last December because people were beating him up and telling him to kill himself. He’s alive now, but what if he wasn’t? What if his little 3rd grader sister had to attend his funeral? There is no way for me to drill this in, but I’m going to try. You might call me a nerd or a fag or a weirdo, but I don’t care.
    Bullying hurts. It makes people feel worthless. Again, why so many kids/teens kill themselves. I’m only a kid, but i know this. Not because of the silly counsler who comes around to classes and talks about filling buckets. No, I know because I’ve been watching. Seth I remember the time when you screamed for the world to hear “STEPHEN SUCKS!!!!” at the top of your lungs. Emily, I remember when you called Claire retarded. Ali, I remember when you told everyone that I loved Yale (a person). John Henry, I remember when you made fun of Stephen because he was “retarded” or a “dork” or “stupid”. Drew, I remember when you made fun of my hat (and I believed you and to this day I can’t wear that hat). Hannah, I remember when you teased Claire because she didn’t shop at American Eagle. All the girls in my grade, I remember when you all ran away at lunch when Stephen sat down next to me. Claire, I remember when after Ali stopped being a bully and wanted to be accepted by us and we were his friend but then you said he was annoying when he wasnt there (a tiny, harmless insult, right?) and then I got mad and Ali could tell and he got it out of me and he burst into tears (which embarrased him, as 5th grade boys cant cry, especially in front of a girl). And David. Sigh. Lets see. Maybe it was when you called me homosexual? Maybe it was when you taught me what “in bed” meant with your mean drawing of me and Josh. Maybe it was when you stole my glasses right off my face and I was blundering around like an idiot trying to get them back? Maybe it was when you stuck my book in a tree and I couldnt reach and you teased me for being short? But whatever it was, something pushed me over the edge, and caused me to dretdfvtfgvgftfffdvfdsessssrdfvbbhjhu.
    I need to stop, I’ve got pretty much enough to prove my point.
    Anyway, bullying stays with you. I’m sure that Claire and Stephen and Ali all remmeber these incidents. I know i do. It’s terrible to feel like a nerd or an outcast or a spaz. I know this. If you feel like a nerd you’ll get bad grades on purpose. If you feel like an outcast you’ll start getting drunk and trying to fit in. Don’t make kids feel like this. Don’t EVER! You may just cause one to jump of a cliff or take all the pills.

      1. You sir, are heartless, I hope your penis falls off when you have sex. So you bully now huh, we’ll what about after school huh, tell you what, bullying outside of school is illegal and you can be arrested for harassment or assault. I bid you farewell

  49. confesions of a past bully

    Okay my name is kinzie and I WAS a bully in highschool. It was the best years of my life, I was pretty, popular, and manipulative. I was also smart too, I waant no duh 2+2=6 Girl no, I was a rare form of bully. I had my own little posse of girls whom I still remember (carmen jenkins and Melissa Ortiz) and we were the queens of the school. We would be mean, (this one time I cussed a girl out so bad, even I felt sorry for her and I had to apoligise to her) do hard core fights(not no hair pulling I mean like leaving marks from punches and I once even pulled a girl’s tooth out) and rumours. We didnt have boy friends because we got boy targets too (not just nerds, but jocks, cheerleaders(boys and girls) and the the ones higher in the school hierarchy) we didnt make fun of lesbians or gays cause that was just plain shallow (we kinda had an honour code) and a study shows, a person who bullies someone because of sexual orientation tends to become that. I had a main target, jessica cortez, on her first day in the locker room I grabed her and took off her panties, every one laughed and she was so embarresed. The next day, her vagina was all over MySpace (keep in mind this was a while ago) another day, Melissa pretended to be her friend and lured her to the girls bathroom, we got het in a stall where I was waiting, tge toilet was filled with pee and I took a dunp, Melissa got out her phone and recorded jessica drinking the toilet water (GROSS) a few weeks later we havent seen jessica at all and we all thought she commited suicide and we all hung our head and shame. We eventually saw her again but she was bald, we later found put, she had cancer. We had to convene to a meeting to discuss if we should bully her about the cancer. We decided that we shouldn’t because that is just shallow and we decided to avoid her as much as we can. Another person was the other new girl, Sky owens, I still remember the first convo. Years passsed and I gatduated and we all moved our seperate ways, npw an adult, I have no friends, my posse was murdered in gang violence. So please I ask of all present bullies, stop now, for you know not what will happen after school. Thank you for your time

    Kinzie Adams

  50. If some type of bully bitch tried to come at me…lol their ass would have known better. ‘cuz when i get mad i turn into sharkeisha..never fuck with a black girl or any girl. ‘cuz yo ass be down when they kick you in the nuts XD

  51. Omg! Thank you so much for posting this! Can you please post some ideas for female bullies such as myself? This one bitch keeps pissing me off with that ugly face of hers!

    1. I hope the devil enjoys torturing your soul, and if you tell me to shut up it has no effect, im an adult, I have power over you little girl so shut up and repent

    2. I’m not the OP, but just wondering. Is there anything in particular you plan on doing to the girl your talking about?

    3. Question, how the hell dies a face piss u off. Faces I can care less with but your attitude girl is really pissing me off. Now begone, no one will miss you, no one misses a bitch

  52. Bullying is not ok, bullying is for low life people who act like they’re on their period all the time.. Like, seriously get the tampon out your arse and stop fucking being a bully. That shit really hurts, and your victims might just get revenge on you one day, Shit they might even kill you and make your death look like an accident, Wouldn’t you snap on somebody if they bullied you every single fucking day?! Plus, Bullying leads to depression, suicide, or even self harm. And YOUR’RE going to be fucking responsible for someone’s suicide/depression. if you keep bullying.. And, they are going to arrest YOU! So, before you get all fucking bully mode on people. Think, because those words/actions turn into depression or self harm, Think about this you fucking low life pussies.

  53. Im 15 year old boy in a boys school the was a jock who liked to bully me he would make me do whatever he wanted and give him money and do embarrassing tons and he would abuse me mostly verbally and make me say things about myself. I was honoured to be bullied by him and be his slave but he has kind of stopped now, any ideas how I could start to be his slave again?

  54. You know, if you are looking to be someone’s slave, I’m open. I would love to be your master. I would love to beat you up and verbally torture you. Believe me, you think you were honored to be his slave, you’s be way honored to be mine. I am a 17 year old jock, I have the sexiest girlfriend in school, I have bulging muscles, an eight inch dick, and all my subordinates are regular recipients of a beat down, verbal abuse, and/or sucking my cock. If there’s anything else you would especially like me to do to you, just let me know.

  55. Best way to be the top bully around is ignore the nerds etc and go str8 for the win, hunt the bullies if you see someone getting bullied destroy the bully and u will get fame, top bully rank, honor , minions to boss around nd so much more than being ol nooby bully, btw bully hunting is a new sport so ull be fit and healthy while doing it also. Ull be top bully around and ull have lots of minions to boss around (the nerds etc) so join the bully hunter club now ;)

  56. Goddamn these bullies! I hate you guys and here’s a little fun fact:If u r a bully, that means you will not be popular and you will be in jail! Hahahahahahahahaha all bullies say they r popular but they r as popular as a noob!

  57. I used to be a bully but i don’t bully nerds or weak people i sometimes bully the other bullies and sometimes weaker people but the thing is i only bully when i have problems and when i feel abused at home or outside home or school i spread the abuse to someone to relieve stress but then again i sometimes apologise because when i see myself i can’t sleep people keeps calling me a psycho,maniac,sadist,narcissistic and a cruel person and the good thing about that is that nobody will mess with me anymore
    Bad thing is that i will get lots of negative attention and i wouldn’t be a nice person
    I try to stop bullying but it soon became a habbit that i can’t get rid off

  58. I LOVE bullying a certain kid at my school! I’m 16, he’s 14. I’ll take him to the bathroom and shit and piss in the toilet and force him to eat the shit out and drink the toilet water! I’ll make him lick my ass clean! I beat him black and blue until he cant move and piss in his face. I’ll make him suck my dick!

  59. This helps! Theres this holiday i go on every year with my friends family and this year my friend decided to invite a girl that bullies me, so i invited a bully from my school and we didnt hurt her but we annoyed and threatened her not to come back ! (this was because i wanted pay back because she broke my arm, snapped my ankle and cut my back open !!

  60. You shouldn’t bully people it makes them feel really bad i get bullied a lot mainly because i wear briefs and all the other boys wear boxers they always pull my pants down and they make me walk home every day in my briefs and to make it worse they write “LOSER” on the back of them in sharpie. it’s embarrassing to be seen walking in public like that crying it’s hurtful like all forms of bullying so don’t do it.

  61. Sorry for cursing but I want to bully someone who has rejected me in freshman year and yet she been getting more awards at the assembly and the school posted that she won a noble price for perfect attchevment and the school and teachers like her more than me. All of my friends are frends with her meanung that im in this fucken same click with her. Shes been getting straight A in every mother fucken class that teachers are not willing to help me. I can’t get over it because im still hurt at the fact that she exist and shes smarter than me. I been getting more awards than that bitch since first grade till 11th grade. I want to die. I want to bully that that show off bitch to end my misry, but I can’t because I go to a good school and I dnot want to get expelled what should I do? She ruining High School for me and I dnot want to go back because she will ruin my senore year and I will still feel down about myself I hit rock bottom hard four times in a year because of that bitch. I want that bitch out of my life.

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